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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Hello girls! 
Exactly a month ago, I went for a Unicorn Birthday Party held by Tammy! 
It's her baby community, The Butter Project Birthday Party.

First thing first, Happy 5th Birthday Butterfly Project!!
Let's start a little story before driving you to the party.

I started to join them last year which was 2017. So this was my first ever Butterfly birthday party. 
I felt pretty insecure at first as I didn't know anybody in there. 
I was out of my comfort zone and started everything from zero. 
After meeting up with so many gorgeous awesome butterflies, 
I felt overwhelmed by each of the souls. 
They treated me like their sister when I was with them which touched me a lots.


The theme of the day is Unicorn. 
I was impressed by so many creative unicorn outfits on that day.
Excuse me that I am only those few who didn't wear a unicorn horn my head. 😣
Seeing every girls put their effort on their outfit, every single corners were decorated in pastel tone.
This is a dream party for most girls.
Thanks Tammy the founder for the effort. We appreciated.

If you would like to host a Unicorn Party like this, keep reading. 😝

First, venue is important! 
We had our party at Wondermilk, Damansara Uptown. 
A 200 sqf room would be more than enough to fit 60 persons. 
We had so much fun in this little corner of the cafe.

Second, it is Brrrloon!
A party is imperfect without a balloon.
Guests love balloon.
It is a beautiful and presentable prop for a good photo. 

In case you have no idea which online seller to reach out, I've got you covered.
If you are looking for balloon decoration, Brrrloon is a great choice.
They provide personalised bubble balloon, helium balloon, 
balloon powered toys, balloon arches, balloon sculpture and more.
Now look at the picture above. 
It is first in Malaysia anto-inflate colouring balloon.
We had so much fun colouring and customising our little unicorn over their booth.

Third, flower.
There was a flower bar by Everyday Flower.
They allowed us to pick two kind of flowers and then they wrapped it nicely for us.
If you prefer minimalistic Korean bouquet, check them out for your party. 

*excuse my cacat boomerang*

Fourth, put something that is on trending in your party.
A photo booth would be perfect, while a boomerang is a big credit.
GNG Studiobooth installed a photobox at the cafe.
The Boomerang Photobox is their new service which is also very first in Malaysia. 
Check them out, it may spice up your whole event.

Lastly, it's goodies time!

1. belif
Their best sellers On-the-go set is in the bag. (RM89)
I never try belif before and wanted to try quite a long time. It came in time!
You can check it out here.

2. Koji Dolly Wink
This is their latest launch eyelashes in 39. (RM58.90)
My goddess Pony loves to use it.
It's time for give it a try.
By the way, there are few latest launch you can refer to:
No.28 LOVELY GIRL https://bit.ly/2J7v64F
No.29 PURE DOLLY https://bit.ly/2pZqBjT
No.30 CHIFFON NUDE https://bit.ly/2pYerrr
No.31 AIRY DOLL https://bit.ly/2IiHjSL
*Available at selected stores e.g Watsons & Sasa Malaysia.

3. Dear Beaute (Japan)
This Himawari Hair Care Samples looked so full in a pack.
Shop here.
*Available at selected stored e.gWatsons & Sasa Malaysia.

4. NYX Cosmetics Malaysia
Vivid Brights Eyeliner (Blossom) (RM30) Shop here.
Lip Of the Day Liquid Lip Liner (Cherished) (RM35) Shop here.
These are so suit me!
Pink and purple cosmetics.
Gotta play it in my makeup tutorial.
*Available at NYX Stores 

5. 50GRAM
Unicorn Mugs (RM39.90)
We adopted our own unicorn!
OMG it's too cute. 
I named her Rennie. 😝
It is so roomy for my brushes.
Shop here.

6. Wanderlust Things
Unicorn Necklace (RM14.90)
How can a unicorn party be without a unicorn necklace?
This necklace is so cute and tiny.
Get yours here.

I am pretty satisfied with everything in the goodie bag. 
Not to forget the unicorn brush by Wanderlust Things.

They are all the beautiful souls I met. 
Making new friend is out of my comfort zone.
Thanks Butterfly Project for giving me this chance to participate in your 5th birthday party.
I truly wish this community can grow bigger and bigger every year.
Blogger is nothing without a content.
Thanks for providing a platform for us to create our own content.

Till then.


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