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Monday, January 01, 2018

Happy new year peeps! I believe staying fit and sliming down is one of the resolutions for most of the girls and boys at the beginning of every year. I blogged about heat pants twice in my blog. I know that some of you maybe curious of is that any top version of sport attire which is targeted arms and abs. Here you go! I've got you covered.

ActivTee by Jonlivia
I believe Jonlivia is not strange for you. Jonlivia is famous of its heat-pants series and phiro back support. And recently, they come out with an active series targeting those who wish to slim down in an easier way. Some people may sweat a lot during workout, but some are not. Wearing functional workout outfit could actually help a lots without hassle. This ActivTee really did a good job in increasing the sweat flow.

NeoHeat Technology
Jonlivia patented NeoHeat Technology ingrained onto every stitch, making it tear proof. This technology helps burn body fat 3 times faster even with your regular routine as it increase perspiration with its thick Neoprene material. Besides, it helps shaping your torso. 

Pocket is my life. I like dress with pocket, workout pants with pocket and now I have my ActiveTee with pocket!! Having pocket is so much convenient. You can stuff those important cards inside the pocket but beware of your devices during workout. Everything could happen without your notice! 

My Verdict
Tight and discomfort during first time wear. But soon after few washes, the ActivTee is smart enough to be my second skin, reshaped according to my body shape. I have flappy arms, my arms feel so tight at my first try. (Fyi, I am wearing XS). After few two gym sessions, my arms feel breathable and flexible. Functioning as an ActivTee, I couldn't feel I am sweating, upon taking off, upper body is full of sweat of course. I like the feeling! It burned more calories than normal tee. I believe my arms will be getting slimmer in the near future.

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