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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Friends who are close to me know that I am a morning person. This has to credit to my never-failed functional biological clock. Tbh, I love breakfast. Breakfast gives me so much energy to kick start a beautiful day. Because, with a healthy breakfast, my production is going to be higher than normal. As our body is no longer is starvation in the morning, hence it will boost up our mood of the day. Feeling happy is a plus point.

Morning Shop
In Taiwan, Morning Shop is the leading vertical e-commerce site for healthy breakfast cereals. They provide more than 200 different kinds of cereals on their Taiwan site. Worry that you can only buy in Taiwan? haha I'm not going to share anything which my readers can't reach in my country. U are right! Morning shop has recently set a website for Malaysia potential customers. Browsing thru Malaysia Morning Shop website, only best-selling products are being sold. However, I think that there are a lot of choices for all of you to choose from. So if you are having a healthy diet now, or you are so into muesli, oats and granola, the website is for you! Let's support them so that they will bring all the good stuffs from Taiwan!

When it comes to healthy breakfast, what I always have in mind are granola, yogurt and fruits. I felt this combination is the perfect match for breakfast. I can eat this combination for 365 days a year like seriously! Oh yah! And also peanut butter. You may be curious, why not raw oat? I kind of hate oat because oat taste so nasty by its own. Yogurt or milk will make it nicer by the way. So my choices from Morning Shop are granola and muesli.

Vilson Organic Raspberry Fruits Muesli
RM 30.00

Muesli is a ready-to-eat cereal. Unlike plain raw rolled-oats, it is commonly mixed with dried fruits, nuts, flake cereal, puff or seeds. Do you know? Vilson Raspberry Fruits Muesli is their best seller on the website! Browsing thru the website, I always find this Top Ranked No. 1 Muesli out of stock! No joke. It is undeniable delicious after my first try. The purple kind of crunch is of raspberry flavour. The muesli is easily get soften when you put it in the yogurt or milk. Besides, raisin adds a sweet taste to it, spicing up the whole cup of yogurt muesli. *Da Yummmm* 

If you are a beginner to preparing breakfast like this, do not need to be worry. Morning Shop provides the ways to eat muesli down below the product details. This muesli is certified by EU (Ecocert) from European Union. 
5-NOs can be found in the muesli:
❌Artificial Colouring
❌Artificial Sweeteners
⭕️ 0 Trans Fat
❌Artificial Flavouring
❌High-fructose Corn Syrup

The sweetness is derived from natural ingredients themselves.

Carman's Dark Choc Cranberry & 
Roasted Nut Crunchy Clusters
RM 31.80

I bet you ever saw this brand in local hypermarket. It's Carman's Granola. Their packaging is always that attractive. There are a lot of flavours from Carman's. And out of rolled-oats, muesli and granola, I preferred granola tbh. Granola is made up of rolled-oats and nuts which baked and flavoured with chocolate or cinnamon, it's just like kids like to eat candy. But when it comes to healthy eating, remember check the nutrition info before buying! This dark chok granola has quite high of calories. So be mindful of your calories intake.

5-NOs can be found in the granola:
❌Artificial Colouring
❌Artificial Sweeteners
⭕️ 0 Trans Fat
❌Artificial Flavouring
❌High-fructose Corn Syrup

Yogurt Granola Muesli Bowl
Vilson fruit muesli, 
Carman's granola, 
peanut butter jam

Bringing up close, as you can tell, your RM30 is gonna worth it.

Shipping Fee
Home Delivery Charges - RM7.50 (WM) & RM19.00 (EM)
Free shipping is provided for West Malaysia only for shop over RM80.00

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