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Monday, September 04, 2017

Firstly, congratulation Sugao for launching in Malaysia! Those who are obsessed with Japanese makeup may heard about the brand, Sugao. I assume that most of you do not hear about Sugao including myself as I personally am a K-beauty addict who do not much explore myself to Japanese brand. Let me do a brief induction.

As usual, find my verdict at the bottom of this post. *chu*

Sugao is a Japanese word, denotes natural bare face, specially offers young ladies including a makeup novice an effortless lightweight and tender makeup which gives a natural "transparent" feeling. A Japanese based makeup line that exudes an airy, carefree Asian character which gives skin's beauty a boost. Sugao also hopes to unleash the energetic side of each female individual which mirrors the brand's image: simple, young and modern.

Watch my first impression video if you're lazy to read. =P

Sugao Air Fit CC Cream
~RM 69.90~

Being crowned as a Sugao Hero Product, this CC Creams comes in a light souffle-like texture which provides an amazingly light skin feel that spreads smoothly and evenly on the skin when applied, which also my most favourite products among them. Formulated with Root Patented Air-Fit Technology, this CC cream covers pores and evenly touches up dull area softly with only a thin layer of 0.01mm. No kiddingly, it absorbs excess sebum on the surface of skin effectively, wearing it for a whole day long shouldn't be a problem. Matte foundation usually comes with pore clogging, but this CC cream leaves skin breathable with an airy, beautiful finish while at the same time brightens up the skin tone. It claims itself as 4-in-1 CC cream which contains SPF23 PA+++, free from fragrance and alcohol and acts as a makeup base.

The CC creams are available in three options (2 shades each):
Moist, Smooth and Pink Bright Smooth

Moist - Normal to dry skin
Smooth - Normal to oily skin
Pink Bright Smooth - Uneven skin tone (gives skin a slight pinkish tone)

My Verdict: My most favourite product among these 4 items. The Smooth Air Fit CC cream creates a perfect layer on my skin yet I do not feel my skin drying. I'm impressed with how it smoothens my skin surface and makes me pore-less whole day.

Sugao Cheek and Lip
~RM 59.90~

Combining lippie and cheek blush into a little bottle, it's available in 3 colours (Natural Red, Active Orange & Brilliant Pink). This mousse gives me a lightweight satin smooth texture, perfect for a daily day out. 

My Verdict: Putting on the cheek, I feel smooth and non-drying. On my lips, it helps smoothen my lip wrinkles and creates a matte lip. The pigmentation is kind of less, put your favourite lipstick as base would be perfect. Oh, you can also purely wear it onto your lips to have a sweet daily lippie.

Sugao Chiffon Powder
~RM 64.90~

This fluffy finely granted powder gives me a feeling of lightness and transparency by gently wrapping  on my skin. Like wearing a chiffon veil, it absorbs sebum effectively and reduces oil on the surface of skin, keeping my skin fresh all day long. In addition, it helps brighten the skin as it balances uneven skin tone. 

My Verdict: However, I pretty recommend you to top this chiffon powder on a dewy foundation surface. As it matte out all the makeup upon application.

Sugao Lip Tint
~RM 45.90~

Available in three different colours, which are Juicy Red, Sweet Pink, Apricot Pink. It comes in water-like texture and gives a plump finish upon application.

My Verdict:Swatching on my hand is totally different from putting onto my lips. It gives adequate pigmentation as a lip tint, and an extra minty cooling effect to soothe my lips. It doesn't transfer when I drink. 

The Sugao Makeup series is available only at selected Watsons outlets.
You can purchase online in case you can't find it at your nearest outlet.

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