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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Hey girls! Yep today's topic is about aesthetic treatment! In which I will talk about my 3rd aesthetic experience. (If you'd like to know more about my 1st and 2nd experience, do let me know and I'll further blog about it.) I'm going to tell you my problem first. 

1st problem: Dark eye circle

After an insomnia night, I always find my dark circle extend to my chin. lol I believe some people suffer this as well. For some other cases, they are real dark circle, which can be recovered after few weeks of proper rest; on the other hand, there are people who have dark circle no matter how well they sleep, how long rest they take, how many bottles of eye essence they put on their undereye, their dark circle still there! And I'm one of them. I always sleep about 7-8 hours every day, and put on eye gel or eye cream for these 4 years. In return, I still couldn't get my dark circle lighten. 


It is because of wrong treatment. LOL It's my under eye crease (wrinkle) which makes me look tiring all the time, make my dark circle becomes more serious. In other word, it is tear through deformation. I cannot say it's a tear through for my case, because I think it is in the beginning to form tear through, and I only can see a pair of slight sunken shadows. 

Tear Through Deformation
The tear through is a groove that begins at the inner corner of  your eyes, and travel out and down across your cheek. Tear through will appear in the 30s or 40s normally. you know lah. Technology improves, environments for aging also improves as we could easily expose ourselves to many harmful substances anywhere and anytime. So, people as young as 20s may begin to notice this early sign of aging. Not only aging, there are toddlers who have tear through with them, and it's genetic issue. 

A screen shot of me from my video on my YT channel

As you can see, there are 2 hollow located under my eyes and upper my cheeks. I didn't expect aging would hit me before my quarter life. No matter how much concealer I cover it with, the hollows are still there. And only 1 thing can save me - dermal filler. 

As you can tell, my dark eye circles lighten in a bit from left to right. (All are non-edit and colours varied because of lighting.) Doctor advised me not to put too much of filler as it will go unnatural and it's not necessary. However, I was quite satisfied with the outcome. Ok, I know you are curious about the process.

How to put in filler?

Injection. Many of you maybe afraid. But trust me, it is not as scary as you think. Firstly, doctor will open a mini hole (sound creepy but it doesn't) at my lower cheek to ensure the fluid can reach my under eyes and fill in the hollows. During the process, I felt there was something running under my skin layer, pain can only be felt before the filler being injected into my skin which was when doctor wanted to create a mini hole. I was told that this is an updated method as it would not encourage bruise around the wound (hole). And you can tell from my picture, you can't see where my wound exactly is right? The process is calm and you just have to trust the doctor. =)

You can see that at the bottom right picture, doctor was pressing my upper cheek in order to fix the location of filler.

Touch: On day 2, I touched it gently using finger, it was a little hard thingy laid under my skin. 
After Care: I was told not to avoid facial for 2 weeks. And I just gently touch that area when I am washing my face. Oh ya! The filler takes several days to settle down. So make sure to sleep at flay lay position the whole night for minimum 1 week.

Why Filler?

Fyi, injectable filler is a soft tissue filler injected into the skin to help fill in facial wrinkles and restores a smoother appearance. Most of these wrinkle fillers are temporary because they will eventually be absorbed by the body. As we age, our skin loses hyaluronic acid and proteins as well as subcutaneous tissue decreases which results losing facial volume. Day by day, the filler made up of tissue and hyaluronic acid will be gone.

How long does it lasts? & How much?

Minimum 9 months. Up to 2 years. Result varies from each individual. It cost RM 1,900 per syringe. I can say this price is pretty reasonable, as I've been researched over the price, other clinic may charge you at RM2,500 per syringe!

2nd Problem: Freckles

Let's talk about my second problem. Yes, it's freckle. Freckle is a small patch of light brown colour on the skin, people who have dry skin are most likely to have freckle. It will become more pronounced through exposure to the sun. I have only few freckles, but some of them become bigger and pigmented as time flied, and make it harder to be covered by 1 layer of concealer. 

You may confuse why my freckles get darker immediately after flawless peel. Let me explain to you. (All are non-edit and colours varied because of lighting.)

Flawless Peel

There are many solutions to treat freckle, like the well-known solution, laser treatment. This flawless peel is one of them. It's an effective chemical peel treatment that uses a solution to visibly exfoliate dull skin and lighten the complexion. This also treats mini milia seeds. It will bring back skin elasticity and removes body blemishes. It's RM190 per treatment. 

How was the procedure?

The beautician put a few drops onto the freckle area and controlled the amount manually. The thinner the skin, the more sensitive it is. There are some mini milia seeds surrounded my inner corner, the beautician treated that area using the solution too. That area is slightly stimulant compared to other area. The feeling is like when your skin have eaten a lemonade accidentally. The feeling will disappear after few seconds. 

Fyi, it will form a peel in darker colour than my original freckle colour. I was told to not scratch it until it fell out. 

After care: Do not scrub within 1 week. Do not scratch when the peel is not completely formed. Remember to squeeze sunblock as part of your skincare routine. 

However, you may be curious that why my biggest is not gone. It's due to the flawless peel solution only can remove the first layer of pigment. Darker freckle which is highly pigmented needs several treatments to be removed. And mole can't be removed using this treatment. 

I like the clinic setting very much! Everything is so minimalistic and the beauticians are so friendly which made me feel cozy while waiting there. They offer a lot of treatments for skin problems. Do check them out!

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