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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Being at this age, I need to start focusing on anti-aging. It's truth that girl's ovary starts to age at the 25th year. And I am approaching. And I can see some fine lines waving hands to me at my under-eye area and around my mouth. It's scary. Not mean to hide, I scare aging. I'm going to intro a series of affordable anti-aging skincare to you in this post.

Am so happy receiving this big box of pretty. 

Cleansing Foam
Just acting like a cleansing foam. It leaves your skin fresh and moisturised. 
Rich foam would be created when you latter it with water.

Moisturising Lotion
Supple, moist and smooth. 
Easily to be absorbed by skin upon applying onto your skin.
Not greasy at all. 

p/s: These two products contain strong fragrance. I can bear with it. Very recommended you girls to smell the tester before buying. =)

Advanced Serum Concentrate
New & Improved version. This lightweight serum speeds up the production of the skin's natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. It contains actigenic+ which is a unique technology that produces and maintains collagen that your skin needs. Helping in improving skin's elasticity. The texture looks thick at first sight. However, it can be easily absorbed to my skin.

Anti-aging Cream
The white bottle at the left is Anti-aging Cream from Nutox. Targeting in firming, lifting and toning your skin, to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles in 2 weeks time.This cream infused with Bird's Nest and Botanical extracts to rebuild the bonding between collagen and elastin, expect young-looking and firmer skin. Smooth and supple.

Night Repair
Red bottle. Containing concentrated formula with 24hrs moisturising effect, packed with Bird's Nest essences to help improve the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles in 2 weeks time. It corrects yellowish and dull skin and improves complexion and micro-circulation. Using continuously for 4 weeks, your skin would be rejuvenated and visibly younger-looking. Kind of sticky while applying on my skin but it is easily absorbed too.

My most favourite goes to this charmingly Burgundy bottle. The serum. I like how it fulfills what it claims as to Look Young in 7 days.

The result after two weeks using Nutox Products. You can see. my fine lines were like being ironed, became shallower and added little moisturising effect. 

All the products mentioned above are free from Paraben, Mineral Oil and Colourant. 

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