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Monday, June 19, 2017

Hey hey, I am wearing like a police that you could find in the drama, who is ready for a mission. This bullet-proof vest-like kind of stuff named PHIRO. Make you an elegant beauty no matter you are walking or standing.

For who?
If you have:
curved spine
osteoporotic fractures
spinal deformation
muscle fatigue
please own a Phiro!

It is totally okay if you are like me, do not have any issue stated above. Not all people are sitting right all the time as hunchback is a kind of comfortable sitting posture. Am I right? Adding Phiro to your life will help you to prevent hunchback and perhaps the issues above. It is specially useful when you have nothing to lean on, you can use Phiro as a back support to force yourself to sit right and straight. 

It was like my second spinal cord which support me. I won’t feel tired of wearing it. But one thing you have to make sure is, wear a suitable size for yourself. Phiro is smart! Why I said it is smart? When I am trying to hunch my back to the comfortable posture I used to have, I feel very uncomfortable at all, it was like something was blocking my back to hunch. As long as I am sitting up straight, I am comfortable and happy. =)

Why you need Phiro?
1. Helps to correct poor posture
2. Helps to train your body to keep your shoulders back
3. Helps to correct scoliosis and other malformed spinal curvatures
4. Pulls back the shoulders, straightens neck and align spine.
5. Relieves posture related back pain, shoulder pain and headache

Let me introduce you every part of Phiro.

The look when you expand the small adjuster.

The hook for you to fit in the smaller adjuster.

The material is breathable and quick dry.

Good quality of velcro used.

The main character of Phiro, the support strap support is firm yet comfy.

A mini demo from me. =)

Step 1: Put on Jonlivia Phiro and and attach the waist band to the extent that you feel ease around your waist.
Step 2: Extend the smaller adjusters and make a cross at your back.
Step 3: Attach the smaller adjusters at your waist band.

The front view should be like this.
P/s: As I am having a XS, that is a little bit too small for me. The waist band should be placed slightly under your waist.

Side view.

The back view.

However, this is the correct guide for you.

Washing Instruction
1. Hand wash with mild soap in warm (40 degree celsius) water
2. Rinse well and air dry
3. Do not suggest long cleaning time for long-term use
4. Do not: wring, iron, bleach, dry clean, tumble dry
5. Line dry or hang to dry

They are having free shipping when you purchase over RM200.
Phiro is not the only product being sold by Jonlivia. Jonlivia also has arm shaper, hotpants, sliming shaper, etc.

Price | RM210
To know more |
FB | Jonlivia


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