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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

This 24K Eye Essence in version 2.0 is a highly moisturizing essence formulated with Mon Amour's cutting-edge anti-aging technology. Gold has been widely used nowadays especially on beauty product. Gold has the functions of reducing wrinkle and stimulating skin cells. Let's see how it works on me in the end of the post.

Reduce Dark Circle
Reduce Eye Bags
Reduce fine lines and sun damage
Boost cell regeneration to restore softness wrinkles and radiance
Strong anti-free radical and antioxidant activity

Balancing of the skin colour and reduction of tired look

 12 Benefits of 24k Gold
1. Decelerates collagen depletion
2. Increases radiance and stimulates skin cells
3. Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and age spots
4. Increases skin elasticity
5. Fights acne and avails in the treatment of scaring by expediting the rejuvenating process
6. Treats the skin by ameliorating and stimulating circulation
7. Smooths out wrinkles and firms the skin
8. Soothes inflammation
9. Improves skin discolouration
10. Obviates premature aging of the skin by fighting off free radicals
11. Gold withal has the ability to lighten the complexion
12. Joints aches and pains. 

The gel is transparent with gold flakes. I heard it is thicker than the previous version.
Very concentrated with optimal stickiness.

1. Pump a small amount on your fingertips
2. Apply and massage gently around the eye coutours repeatedly 
until the gold flakes are absorbed by the skin
3. Use day and night

Le Ingredients.


<Pardon me with my single sided aegyo sal.>
I was smiling, you can see the dark shadow was uneven on undereye area. *That is my aegyo sal, not eye bag.*  And fyi, for these two weeks, I applied the eye essence on my right eye only to test the effect. I was kind of regret though. As you can see, I had imbalance dark eye circles. lol

When I was not smiling, there is a slight difference between two dark circles.
Other than reducing dark circle, it reduced my fine lines. (You can't see it thru my picture though.)
I like how a product really does its jobs as promised.
Kind of recommend this! And now it becomes my daily vitamin of my undereyes!

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This Raya Promotion is available until July.
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