Omg! I Got a Complimentary Collagen Facial Treatment Worth RM880!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Even if you put a lot of effort on your skin, use expensive beauty products, deep cleaning every time you wash your face, you could just get your skin surface touch up. 
This is me. 
I insist to believe that I  can do everything at home, by myself, for my face. 
I believe my way is correct as long as I see improvement on my skin.

But, I myself isn't an expert, 
I follow those information from where we normally get it from like TV adv, video, salesgirl, etc.
Then I will do those simple step on a routine basis.

 Until the treatment day, I realise that what I do routinely is just for the surface.
The inner layers of skin perhaps aren't really absorb the nutrients and recover from 'injured'.

Me after the treatment. No edit, no smooth skin effect. My skin feels so happy. Seriously 💕

I met Beaute Library. Stephanie, who served me has fully educated me with the knowledge of taking care of my inner skin. And I must give her a thumbs up on her service. So far, I never meet a beautician who is so enthusiasm, telling you what's your problem instead of hard-selling their own treatments and products. I know right. It's pretty annoying to have beautician who serves you keep telling you which treatment you must do next for your own good while you are supposed to enjoy! She massaged my neck and shoulders and asked if I have headache. She also found out that I have imbalance height of shoulders. So comprehensive enough! You may think that it is her tactic to pursue me, but as a customer, we all wish the one who provide services to focus on us. If they can really point out what our problems are, why not?

Beaute Floral Essence Collagen Facial Treatment
RP: RM880
This treatment contains of 3 types of masks to hydrate my skin and clean up my pores. Each mask has different floral essence. I like the cooling mask as it sooth my skin and give me smoother surface. I can feel my cells are rejuvenated after the facial treatment. After three days, my skin is still looked like baby skin. 'toi toi' 😍😍

And the best thing is, I get this RM 880 worth of treatment at free!
Want to know how? Keep Reading 😉

The products rack.

The waiting area of ground floor.

You can spot that the machine is with Beauty Library logo. Isn't that cool? I've never see any beauty machine or slimming machine is produced by own beauty saloon.

Their level 1 waiting area. So elegant!

Tadaaaaaaa! This is how. With the help of Worthy Book, Ladies Edition, I can have such a great treatment at free!

Some of you may not be familiar with this book. Even the beautician herself did not hear of this previously. Fyi, Worthy Book, as it means, is a book full of 150 vouchers. There are two categories, which are food & beverage and ladies. In this Ladies Edition, it features popular Shopping, Beauty, Fashion brands in Malaysia, such as TOMS Shoe, Christy Ng, Young Heart, OPI Nail Polishes, Micheal Saloon, etc. What even better is it covers over 50 shopping malls! The vouchers include cash vouchers, purchase with purchase vouchers, discount vouchers and complimentary vouchers!

Please go get yourself a copy to enjoy these great deals. I am helping you to save money. lol

Where to get it?
You can buy it at all major bookstores like Popular, MPH, Borders, Times, Kinokuniya and selected 7-11 and outlets in KL & Selangor. Or get it at

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