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Sunday, April 09, 2017

Hey girls, I am going to share with you this little tube which filled with rich anti-spot serum.
It's from SwissVita, oriented from Switzerland. 

Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum
It's a functional tube contains of AC-11 which helps in repairing and minimizing dark spots. 
It is also loaded with Vitamin B2 in reducing hyper pigmentation which can cause skin darkening. This two ingredients help in giving your skin supple antibody to fight with dark pigment under your skin layer. Besides, the LS 908 extract promotes lighter skin tone and traxenamic acid reduces sun spots.

The ingredients.

Everyone loves free item! But a beauty product that is free from harmful substance is more convincing and safer to use. Don't you agree?

Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum is free from:
1. Paraben
2. Alcohol
3. Fragant
4. Pigment
5. Addictive

The serum looks milky and creamy in texture. It's smell like kind of tea tree or lemongrass.
Kind of noticeable, but it is still acceptable.

As I am just started to use it, so I don't know how it turns out to be. 
It seems promising though.
Be sure to check out their hot deal now at the links below!

Price : RM130 (Ori price RM250)
To Buy | www.allyoung.my 

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