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Friday, March 03, 2017

Halo peeps! I am back and bringing you a product review. 
If you are floral fragance lover like me, you must not miss the chance of using this product.

Rose Rejuvenate Essential Lotion
Beauty product with only one function or treatment is not enough nowadays as we, customers need more function in just a bottle. We need some money saving and less time consuming products in our daily life. Arwin/Biochem squeezes a lot of functional essence in a bottle just to solve your skin problems. The Rose Rejuvenate Essential Lotion contains innovative formula to allow nutrient absorption and help improve moisture on the skin. Other than that, it maintains the perfect oil and moisture balance of the skin, conditions the skin to enhance its absorption and makes the skin softer, brighter and more delicate.

1. ARWIN/Biochem extracts the rosehip from Bulgarian roses which helps to improve skin condition, smoothest away wrinkles and excellent anti-aging.
2. Multiflora rose extraction helps in reducing sebum production, clogged pores, acne and visible pores, there are long-lasting oil control to achieve skin tightening, anti-wrinkle and other positive effects.
3. Champagne rose extraction is Japanese pesticide-free cultivation origin, 2-3 times larger than ordinary rose, deeper in colour, richer in flavour.
4. All the roses are hand-harvested to reduce damage to the flowers and to retain the scent.
5. This extraction has the effect of repairing long term sun-damage, dull and wrinkled skins. It also inhibits sebum secretion, reduce oiliness and acne, and achieve oil control for your skin. 

You can see the shiny surface of face. It has super moisture texture and I feel little greasy of it. By the way, I like the rose scent so much! If you like rose, go and get one! 

Direction of Use: 
I used as a toner. Apply it gently onto your face after cleansing with 20 cents size of amount. The essential lotion has the purpose to set a base on your skin and to prepare the skin for better absorption of subsequent application of lotion or other skincare products.

Ingredients: Rose Water, Rosehip extract, Multiflora Rose Extract, Champagne Rose Extract, Carnosine, Cyclopeptide-5

Before & After
As you can see, the result was obvious. Right after I washed my face, I applied the essential lotion onto my bare face. Glowing and moisture are all we girls want from a beauty product. That is pretty simple. Glowing + moisture = young looking!

What are you waiting for?

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