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Monday, January 23, 2017

You can't deny sometimes where you stay affects your skin condition. Especially in this hot and humid Malaysia. I personally have combination skin, which is oily at the T zone, while my cheeks are in normal condition. Black head and white head are the buddy of my nose like forever. Get rid of them being a lifetime battle for me. lol

But now, I met my life saver - Dr Douxi Dead Sea Cleansing Eggshell Soap.

Any Aaron's fan here?

Le Ingredient & Instruction.

You can store up to 2019.

Safely sealed. 

Ingredient: Istael dead sea mud, Charcoal, Eggshell
Function: Deep pore cleansing, remove oily particle, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing and increase metabolism 

The quantity of bubble after rubbing for two to three times.

It doesn't contain any man-made scent. Texture: smooth, easy to wash off, 

I purposely darken my the colour of photo to show you guys the flaws.
Fyi, this is the after of using pull off black head removal mask.
My stubborn black head still don't want to break up with me. ><

You see!! Most of my black head was removed after using this soap. 
This is amazing. And my pores are smaller after that!

Tbh, I doesn't see much effect after first few wash. After few days of continuous use, I feels my pores are smaller than previously that I can hardly squeeze my white heads out. If you have a big battle with black head and white head, go and get yourself one to try out.

For those who have dry skin, don't worry, you can choose the Essence of Eggshell Cream Moisturizing Face Wash Bar Soap. It targets dry skin, sensitive skin and normal skin. It helps in improving skin dullness and moisturizing.

Let's kill all the black heads.
Get you soap at link down below. =)

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