Year in review | 2016

Friday, December 30, 2016

This post is going to be filled up with a lot of wonderful photos. 
The best moments that I wish to recall and go back so badly.

Ending my 2016 with Accounting Night 2016, our night. 2016, My graduation year. I have to temporary say goodbye to my coursemates, my buddies and those friends I've had made in University. Thanks for enriching my university life. I will never forget the guidance and helps you guys offered to me along the journey. All I want for the graduation gift is Keeping In Touch.

My dance troop in university. Some are oldies since first year, some are new. However, thank you guys for giving me the chance to complete the very last dance with you guys. If time allows, I wish to go back. Seriously.

My very first course trip and perhaps the last course trip with you guys. But I had so much fun.

These are part of my boys and girls coursemates.

My gang since 2015 I think. Thanks for those notes and tips you shared. I had been super lazy back in those time. You girls are never selfish for the tutorials, tips and extra notes.

Two graduated, One soon in 2017. My 369 gang. We are from the north. Though we stay in different regions, but one thing unites us. Food? Swimming? Friendship? ahahahaha =P whatever

Oh my cutie pie. Knowing you for 5 years. We share almost same mind. Thanks for listening my nag and downtime stories. You must have to be my listener for life! 

Transform from pasar gang to my event partner. Glad to share the same goal with you. Wishing a better year of 2017 for us kay?

My most wonderful moment in 2016 was travelling to Aus with you!

First time skydivers. I still remembered the moment when you landed, you came to me and held me so tight just to make sure we were alive. ahahahaha *hugs*

Last but not least, most honour moment in 2016. Able to graduate with you on the same day.

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