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Monday, December 12, 2016

In this post, I am sharing a food review on Mak's Chee Authentic Wonton located in One Utama. 

Mak's Chee was originated from Chee Kee by Master Mak Woon Chee in Guangzhou, China. Chee Kee has been one of the most famous noodle stalls across the city back in 1920s. It was then brought to Hong Kong after the fall of Guangzhou in 1938. 

Mak's Chee insists to bring the HK lunch culture which is a quick casual meal style to Malaysia outlet meanwhile maintaining the quality of every dish. The menu is mainly contained beef as side dish. They provide pork as side dish too. 

Mak's Chee's open kitchen. 

Don't worry if you come alone. This little space is tailored for one pax.

before we can ordered to try out the signature dishes, We were served with this little portion of Pork Wonton Mee.

Signature Sea Prawn Wonton Soup Noodle 
RM12.90 (S) RM14.90 (B)

Their signature dish, wonton soup noodle served with fresh sea prawn wonton. The word I used to describe the prawn is THICK. Mak's Chee emphases on quality of every dish by not neglecting any of the ingredient.

Although I've not been in HK, I can feel the sincerity of Mak's Chee. This wonton soup noodle is exactly the same you can found in HK, the HK style of wonton soup noodle.  Fyi, you couldn't find a single vege inside the soup as Mak's Chee is trying to bring the HK's culture to Malaysia. 

Wonton Dry Noodle

The dry noodle looked big in portion compared to the soup noodle. This is HK style too.


For the whole December 2016, Add on only RM1 to enjoy a little side dish of kai-lan and a cup of jasmine green tea. So worthy! 

Cheesy Wonton

The cheesy wonton is made up of Mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese and sea prawn. This is the most special wonton I tasted so far.

It is better to served hot as you may find it melting inside your mouth.

This cheesy wonton is not a permanent dish! It is on a limited run starting from December 2016 until February 2017 only!! You must taste before it is not available!

Champion Milk Tea

Before going into details, do you feel that this bottle shape looked cute?
I fall at the first sight! *Gosh* =X 

Tea is originated from China which usually been served in up-scaled restaurant. As time passed, tea evolved. Milk tea is evolved from tea. It has similarity with coffee and wine, in which the bitterness stay as Hong Kong emphasis the bitterness of tea. Mak's Chee combines the techniques of KamCha winners and made with 100% Sri Lankan Ceylon Tea. Fyi, KamCha is the only international brewing competition on Hong-Kong-Style milk tea. Champion milk tea is brewed by top quality highland Ceylon tea leaves; Broken Orange Pekoe (BOP), Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings (BOPF) and DUST. They found a well-balanced tea colour that is aromatic and smooth. Partnering with 50 years experience brewer in Hong Kong, KamCha, made possible to consolidate the techniques of all previous winners of the competition, in the creation of Mak's Chee Champion Milk Tea. 

Review: The champion milk tea is unlike the milk tea we can find in Mamak Shop or any kopitiam, it has super rich yet smooth texture while leaving some bitterness and sweetness in my taste buds. Fyi, I can't carry caffeine after 12pm! I think I mentioned in previous post. And tbh, I had an insomnia night after drinking the whole bottle of champion milk tea. So you can imagined the rich caffeine from Ceylon tea leaves. It can substitute your coffee in day time or your dose for burning your midnight oil. 

The hot milk tea brought bitterness to a higher level. However, sugar is provided as per request.

The milk tea itself will be sold permanently at Mak's Chee, but the Muscular figured bottle containing Champion Milk Tea will be on a limited run as a limited edition starting from 5th Dec 2016 until 28th Feb 2017!

Hence, hurry up and get the limited edition bottle!!

For more information:
Mak's Chee Authentic Wonton
AddressLot LG 311D, One Utama,, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
(New Wing, Opposite Cold Storage)
Business Hours: 11am - 10pm Everyday
Tel: +603 7722 2788

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