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Saturday, December 03, 2016

As we are growing old, we are losing nutrients and collagens that our skin needs everyday. If we did not take proper care of it, acne, uneven skin tone, pigmentation and wrinkles are coming to say “Hi” at all time. Well, as per the breakthrough of technology, all the skin problems can be solved in a more efficient way. Sick of no obvious result after applying tea tree cream on acnes and whitening essence on blackspots? Keep reading. =)

Premier Clinic 
Introducing you, Premier Clinic. Premier Clinic is one of Malaysia’s leading aesthetic clinics. Premier Clinic aims to bring your inner beauty to the surface and boost both the outlook and confidence of all patients. They provide advanced care in the field of aesthetic medicine. When it comes to the term ‘Aesthetic’, I know most of you may think it is purely about plastic surgery. Well, it’s wrong. Aesthetic is more than just plastic surgery. Aesthetic treatment solves almost all the common skin problems you might face now or in future. I’m amazed of how today’s aesthetic technology to solve insolvable skin problems in those old days.

Let's me show you the corners of the clinic.

The reception corner. It is classic and clean which you will find it comfortable with. They place the water dispenser at a little corner and face it to customers. Milo and Nescafe are provided for you to bunch. How sweet!

The corridor. Every rooms are labelled clearly. Don't worry if you get lost,
the friendly beauticians will lead you to the correct room. 

The little waiting room for customers. You may request if you need a private space.

No matter it is a simple service or a long and complicated treatment, Premier Clinic has a team of full trained professionals will ensure the patients receiver their best aesthetic care with their array of available services. 

My Skin Condition
Whenever I went to facial treatment or facial cleansing, the beauticians always tell me that I have uneven skin tone. Yes it’s my struggle of all time. Recently, I have lots of breakouts on my forehead. My doctor-in-charged, Dr. Michelle, advised me to take Carbon Laser on my first visit. Literally, I underwent the Carbon Laser Peel to cure my acnes and pigmentation. Before showing you my before and after, let me brief you some ideas about the two treatments. 

Carbon Laser Peel
Carbon laser peel is an innovative laser resurfacing treatment that utilizes laser beams to treat imperfections on the skin. This treatment has functions of killing acne bacteria, minimizing pores, oil balancing and balancing skin colour. Using a thin layer of carbon to cover the treatment area in the beginning of the procedure, Dr. Michelle then aimed a focused laser beam at my skin. 

During the treatment, clicking sound which sound like firework can be heard. I was a bit of afraid of it, I just felt like there is sparkling firework all over my face, but it was all safe and sound. The process however was not causing any pain, I felt like there was minor sensation similar to that ant-bite or of needles being experienced during the treatment.

Technically, the carbon particles helps absorbing the laser beam before a vacuum lightly removes these particles via suction, and simultaneously removing the damaged upper layers of skin in the process. This process triggers the production of fresh collagen and a new layer of skin while cleansing my pores thoroughly. It is also suitable for difficult area such as nose.

Effect right after treatment: My skin’s radiance restored and smoothness improved on the first layer of skin. As per the chemical effect, I felt numb at my mouth and a bit swollen. It lasted for 1 hour. This effect is normal, so rest assure! 

Post-treatment: I can resume my regular activities immediately after the treatment as there was no downtime associated with this treatment. Doctor will advise you on how many sessions should be carried out depending on individual’s skin condition and for desired outcome. However, I was advised to keep my skin hydrated as dryness may come after this treatment. But as per my experience, my skin still that hydrated like normally. So, if you have a dry skin, you may need to take extra care by applying more moisturizer. ;)

After applying a layer of carbon.

Before & After Carbon Laser Peel

Before: uneven, acne, reddish

After 3 days: radiant, less acne

After the Carbon Laser Peel, I was asked to review within 2-3 weeks time. But I went back to Dr. Michelle after 1 month. And it's ok. Dr. Michelle advised me to do another treatment which is Skin Peel.

Skin Peel
Skin Peeling, aka chemical peel is used to remove the top layers of skin. It was done by applying a peeling solution to the skin. This aids in removing the dead skin cells on the surface and reveals the fresh layer of skin in generating healthier and smoother layers of skin. Premier Clinic used a trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peel by Professional Solutions, which is one of the original peels used for skin rejuvenation.

During the treatment, Dr. Michelle helped me to apply the solution on my face. Tbh, I felt very itchy as it is made up of kojic acid and 7.5% of fruit acid and it means the solution started to take effect on my skin. After that, a device will put beside of me and blew out cool air. This process helped reducing the sting and cold compressed was applied upon completion to help with the cooling. I bore for 3 minutes of itchiness. I felt like scratching my face that moment but I can’t! I was so relieved after the beautician removed the solution on my face.

Effect right after the treatment: Obvious glowing complexion was shown after applying the Pristine moisturiser. The effect is instant. 

Post-treatment: Avoiding exposure of sun and apply sunscreen lotion and moisturizer to stay hydrated. Each session should be spaced 4 weeks apart. 

After 1 hour of treatment: I only drew eyeliner and eyebrow. NO FOUNDATION was applied. NON EDIT. You can see the glowing complexion right after the treatment.

Le Price
Carbon Laser Peel: RM1,000 per session
Skin Peel: RM450 Per session

A minimum of 3 to 4 sessions are preferred for enhanced and obvious result. However, doctor will consult you and it is all depends on your own skin condition.

Doctors & Beauticians - Review

The thing I like most is the service of beauticians. Tbh, I've been waiting for quite a long time as I scheduled my appointment on Saturday. The clinic has packed and almost full schedule on every Saturday. The branch managers who served me are always wearing the sweet smiles all the time. They apologized for keep me waiting for a long time. No matter how packed their schedules are, they will try to squeeze time to serve me and satisfy my demand. Very patience, polite and friendly!

My doctor-in-charged, Michelle Lai. Though she looked strict, she provided me her very professional consultation and advise on the treatments that suited my skin condition. Her schedule is quite packed on Saturday. She may provided more information if she has plenty of time. Hence, it is better for you to book your appointment with her on weekdays if possible.  


Fyi, Premier Clinic has two branches, both located at Bangsar Baru and Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI). Their new branch is coming up soon in Bandar Sunway.

For booking/review/reschedule, you can use either whatapps, phone call or sms to contact them.

For more information, please visit:

Website: Premier Clinic
Facebook: Premier Clinic
Instagram: @premier_clinic
Call / WhatsApp / SMS: +6012-6625552

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