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Thursday, December 22, 2016

As the name shown, I guess I don't need to introduce much about the brand.Yeah, it is PABLO! The hottest cheesetart in town (Malaysia). Established in Japan for 6 years, Pablo has just launched their very first branch in One Utama Shopping Center, Malaysia.

Being the hottest and most famous cheesetart and dessert brand in the world, Pablo has sold 6 million of its classic cheesetart since its inception. The Pablo brand is different and unique unlike any other cheese dessert brands: 
    1. It aims to create fun, happy and colourful experiences.
    2. It has the widest range of freshly-baked cheese tarts and pastries, cheese puddings, cookies, drinks, and soft served ice cream. These desserts come in a variety of flavours, such as original (plain cheese), chocolate, strawberry, matcha etc.   
    3. Sakimoto (Founder of Pablo) calls Pablo “odorokashi”, a play on words that means "desserts with an element of surprise." -- whether in the textures and appearances of the products.
    4. Worldwide, Pablo intends to produce a cheesecake that can be served with different textures, just like a piece of steak.
    5. The open kitchen design and store concept is designed to reflect our specialty in serving freshly baked products and to bring the experience to the consumers. . 
Let me tour you before reviewing the cheese party!

The little display corner before counter.

This tower is full of their packed products. Coffee & Choco Crunch Cheese Flavour.

They have 3 main kinds of cheese product. The first one which also the most famous one goes to its Signature Freshly Baked Cheese Tart. There are three flavours, which are cheese, chocolate and matcha. They are all priced at RM45.90 each. See my review at the end of the post!

Premium Cheese Tart at RM79.90. 
We didn't get to try this, but I believe that PABLO won't make you down. 

This mini bomb is gonna cost at RM8.90 each. Review in the end!

Other than tarts and cakes, they are selling their packed products. 
The Sabrel Cheese Cookies is Da Bomb too!!!

Cheese Drinks

One thing I am impressed by Pablo was they put cheese into drink! Imagine a layer of cheese is poured into the drink. This is how it taste like. Trust me, it is not so heavy as the cheese is balancedly mixed with some fruits, so it taste better than I first thought.

Freshly Baked Cheese Tart

Each cheese tart is being sold in 7 seconds on average, you imagine the powerful of PABLO Cheese Tart. Looks like a cake with a layer of apricot gel spreading over the soft cheese fillings surrounded by crispy outer layer as its skin. According to the manager, the cheese contents are measured and specially tailored by their chef. They targeted light cheese in this signature cheese tart. If you don't like eating too heavy cheese, you may choose to have this. 

Pablo Mini Cheese Tart

Honestly, I prefer heavy cheesy taste than light cheese. Fyi, the making of Pablo mini cheese tart is different from making the signature cheese tart above. The cheese volume of mini cheese tart is similar to the normal cheese tart we can find. It is rich and strong but unique. The crunchy skin of tart is so perfectly mixed with the tart. It taste like biscuit! It will drop if you do not handle it well. Kindly try out this if you feel that the signature cheese tart is too big portion! You will be amazed!

Picture from Pinterest

Sabrel Cheese
Why I said this is DA BOMB? This is just a cheese version of famous Hokkaido 白い恋人 cookies! 
I stored it until now as I don't wish to finish so early! I even don't let my bf to touch it! ahahahha Those who like salty cheesy taste would love this.
It comes with three flavours: Classic Cheese (RM 32.90), Black (RM36.90) & Matcha (RM36.90)
Each box contains 9 satchels.

Always get to try new things with this pretty pie, Shin Hailey. Heart you <3

Most importantly, you can now show off with your friends with having PABLO in Malaysia. 
Your mouth and your tongue are the best reviewer, go get one to try out now! 

Instagram | @pablo_cheese_tart_malaysia
Facebook |  Pablo Cheesetart Malaysia
Location |  No 130, 2nd floor, 
One Utama Shopping Mall (Old Wing)
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama
47800 Selangor.

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