Blessed 2016.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ending 2016 with this blog post.
A blog post that is free from commercial items and description.
I had quite a few of commercial blog posts recently.
If you've been following me or visiting this site lately, you know.
This post is purely to recall what I've done in the past 365 days.

1. I graduated as a Bachelor of Accounting
This milestone is a pay off to my hardwork and a celebration for my 17 years of study.
I am very thankful of how I've came so far with all the blessings.
No matter I was a study partner to you or an enemy to you,
I truly appreciate your companion for these years.
Without each of you, my study journey wouldn't be so joyful, complete and fruitful.

2. Challenge
Tbh, I didn't think of sky diving at that point of time we bought the flight tickets.
This was a random plan which I need to thank AirAsiaX for the 1 day delay.
Allowed us to have one more day and put the sky diving slot in our itinerary.
For some people, it may take you huge courage to step into the little plane.
Not to bluff, for me, I am always ready for some kind of challenging activities.
But if you ask me to bungee jump, I am not ready at all! LOL
I was shocked this bucket list was done so faster than I thought.
Bear in mind: You only live once.

Not only sky diving, this year, I started to follow Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide.
It was intense, energetic and effective! 
But so sigh cause I was 'eating snake' for the first 6 weeks and keep lagging the progress.
But I hope I will be able to finish the BBG 2.0 in 2017!

3. A better self
I made a lot of new friends this year as I was having my six months internship 
and now I am working in a new environment.
A saying of life: people come and go.
Some people teach you to be stronger, some people share the joy with you,
some people leave you and some people treat you like family.
No matter how, thank for all the experiences and stories you shared.
I've learnt.

Stepping into the so-called real society, the phrase YOLO in my mind started to be
stronger and stronger.
I continue blogging.
I continue to build this little space for myself to express.
I wish this little space will contribute a better life for me in future.

To 2017,
I look forward you to come,
I look forward the decision I made,
I look forward the outcome of every decision I made,
I look forward more wonderful and unforgettable moments to come.

Oh my friends! Thank for making me smile in 2016.
Thank you 2016
*Making a bow*

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