Top 4 Women Shoes Facts

Friday, November 11, 2016

Do you tend to splurge the most on women shoes? I believe most of the girls/ladies/women tend to spend buying shoes after clothes. Some are even over fascinated on shoes. I remember at a time when I am looking for sneakers, and there are too many of tantalizing designs in the market. I can’t decide which one to trade off and ended up buying three pairs of sneakers at a short period of time. I know that’s girl’s buying power. *can’t help!* But you know, woe of constantly buying the same kind of shoes is having duplicates of the same shoe. Well, there are 4 facts telling you it’s time to refresh your closet.

Comfort zone
I know well the feeling of buying the correct shoe which fit you well. There are usually the ones you have the most duplicates of. However, these comfortability seize you try out new design and new shoewear. You should stop buying them for the moment and start looking for other styles with same textures which best fit you that can help elevate your daily wear.

Sort out those cracked at the seams, leather peeling and heel missing. No matter it was your favourite or not, these aging signs are telling you that it’s time to say goodbye to them and throw them off. If your old shoes are still nice-looking and wearable, put them up for sale or donate them to those in need. Recycle them rather than keeping them in your closet until death. You’ll be blessed by the shoe fairy and will have tonnes of new shoes in the future.

Change according to the seasons 
In countries with four seasons, different kind of shoe according to seasons is what you can play with. Booties in the winter, wedges in the spring, pumps and flats in the summer and high heeled boots in the fall. Well, I know, staying in Malaysia, a tropical country, obviously, boots are definitely out of shopping list. But a neutral stiletto can be worn throughout of the year keeping you staying in the fashion loop! Stiletto is fashionable all the time and sometime upgrades your taste to the fullest it brings. 

When you found that you have too many flats, pumps and boots, toss the old pair that you bought around a year or two ago. They are probably stinky and worn out on the sole. It’s time for a new favourite by diversify through colour, print, texture and designs. As I mentioned, you can still go for the same texture which you found it suitable for yourself. Subtle it with different colour variations and designs which suit the latest trend. For instance, muddy brown, olive green and mustard yellowish brown are colours of fall. Buy a brown tone Stiletto and pair it with your denim pants. Your fashion sense will definitely ups!
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