Panaz Slimming Pants, more than just a pair of pants.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

I've been struggling with my lappie wifi connection problem since I updated to Windows 10. That's why I was not updating my blogpost so frequent starting from October. *SOBS* But I will still finding time and chance to write in order to deliver the interesting deals to each of you. *hugssss*

And I'm back with Panaz Slimming Pants. 
Being an office lady for two months, sitting on the chair most of the time, and my spare tyre tummy comes back and say hi again. *Struggling!!!* From 8 to 5 or 9 to 6, I know the feeling when you reach home after a long day work, you are going to relax and lay on your comfy sofa to do nothing. So, here is a good news to lazy person yet having an aim to keep fit all the time like me.

Ever think of sweating when you are watching TV or having teatime with friends or shopping?
Keep reading. =)

Panaz Slimming Pants

Panaz Slimming Pants are designed to provide you with a complete sweating experience. Made up of 100% heat insulated materials that boost sweating and the burning of calories. As what I mean, when you are watching TV at home, relax like you did at your leisure time, shopping, going out for teatime and dinner, you can sweat without doing exercise! But if you wear it for exercising, working out, cardio exercise, the pants perform better with heat retention feature. Besides, it is suitable to wear everyday.

The pants are made up of three layers.
Inner Layer: With intelligent fabrics, absorb sweat to keep your skin comfortable at all time.
Middle Layer: Warming material, heat retention to burn body fats.
Outer Layer: High quality fabrics sculpted to your body curves.

You may think it is the thick material is not stretchable. No! As per my experience, when I am wearing the pants, I feel my legs become lighter and I can do leg straight sit up easier, the pants are stretchable enough for me to do whatever challenging movement I want to do.

The inner layer of pants absorb your sweat, proven by the colour gets darker after exercising or simply walking. To be very honest, the moment I take off my pants, I found my underwear is in completely wet condition. Its heat retention function is not kidding!

A pair of pockets are designed to suit those who like to put their phone and enjoy the music while exercising or keys when going outdoor. 

The professionally tailored looking are showing great attention to details.
Panaz made improvements on the new version pants with
1. quality improved, 
2. beautiful pocket, 
3. printed PANAZ™ LOGO, 
4. stretchability increased to 25% 
5. thinner engineered fabrics that keeps your skin refreshing under hot weather. 

How to care?
In case you may forget the method of washing Panaz Sliming Pants, the pants will remind you! So caring! When it comes to fitness attire, tbh, I hand washes all the sport bras and pants right after workout all the time. Hand wash and Hang to dry are the best way to preserve Panaz Slimming Pants. And strictly do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not iron, do not dryclean and do not wring. These acts will destroy the warming material of the pants. 

It is more than just a pair of slimming pants. The part I like the most is its versatility. You can wear it at home, for exercise, yoga class, zumba class, teatime and shopping. It is like part of your life. Unlike other legging pants, it has a shape maintaining function in which it is thick enough to well cover up your bikini lines and shape your hips well. That's why I have been wearing it whenever I am waiting for my flight. Presentable and comfortable.You can swag the pants with hip hop style, street style, or match it with a loose oversize sweater and there comes an airport fashionable outfit. By the way, it is not encouraged to wear for too long hours.

Where to purchase?
This pair of amazing pants are priced at RM149. And it is even better for you to measure your waist and hips to get the size which best fit you. Just drop a message on Panaz facebook page, then you can get your order in 2-3 days after payment is done. The size varied from S to XL, you may advice them by PM them with your own measurement.

For more info:
Facebook Page: Panaz
Instagram: @panazofficial 

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