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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I’m not that kind of person who recover from sunburn easily. When I was sunburned after trip, I usually need to wait for 1 year time to recover of being tanned. I know so much of the struggle. And since my graduation course trip on July 2016, the tanned lines on my arms still exist and obvious. This discouraged me to wear sleeveless. But now, my problem solved!

BHK’s Glutathione just came in time to solve my problem. Hooray!! Say bye bye to tanned skin.
I believe most of you follow Taiwan Actresses, local Actresses or local social influencers, and some of them are BHK’s consumers too. Hence, I believe most of you have heard about BHK. 

BHK’s Glutathione

For your information, BHK’s Glutathione has functions in whitening up skin tone, improving sleep quality and boosting up metabolism as well as energy. That’s why I said it solved my problem. Not only whitening up my skin tone, BHK’s Glutathione made my skin stay hydrated even though I have had it for 2 weeks only.

Nonetheless, BHK’s Glutathione has more than 20 Japanese patents. It is odorless, and easily absorbed as its molecule is tiny enough to prevent destruction from stomach acid.

Instruction: Consume 1 tablet after dinner daily. Just 1 tablet per day is enough to see the result. 

Left (BEFORE), Right (AFTER)
Although it is not that obvious on the picture above, but I believe the outcome will be better after finish consuming it.

My boyfriend knows that I have the obvious tanned line after my course trip on July 2016. And he keep reminding me I am tanned when he saw my tanned line. Now I finally get rid of it!! Tanned line disappeared! *happy* My whole arms are equally fair now like finally. *Ignore my fat arms ><*

This baby is originated and manufactured in Taiwan. And you can now buy it at Priced at RM229.90 per bottle. Save RM59.90 when you buy two bottles at RM399.90

You know? Right after I cleansed my face, I can see the natural glowing complexion on my face without applying the moisturizer. Hence, external application and internal supplement intake are both equally important.

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Not only for whitening, BHK has a very wide range of products, 
providing ladies with different demands. 
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