Another milestone. Graduation

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Last week, 18 Oct 2016, was one of the important days in my life.
Yea. My degree graduation. Degree is common alright. But I just wanted to thanks everyone who happened to come into this journey as well as recording the unforgettable moment. 

My family. They are part of the reason I chose to study in UM. Thanks for bringing me to this world. Thanks for being my pillars of strength. I promise to make you all proud one day. I love you all

Oh my babe! I have never thought of hitting this relationship goal with you in my life. We managed to graduate in the same university and same year. Thanks for all the guidance, a million miles of drives and companion! ily.
Disclaimer: He is elder and I am younger. xP

Friends since 2000. Please keep in touch wey! Let's ring each other whenever free kay? ;P

My university buddy family. So touching for your efforts in giving me this surprise. And you all know me so well. I'm gonna fully utilize the gift. hahaha Jia you in uni life my papa, daughter, grandsons and granddaughters!! Do more gathering please.

Photo spamming time!

Graduated with honors. Bachelor of Accounting. Batch 2012/2013
(kawasan larangan don't care =X)

Bestie for life. Saw Li Qi. Since 2011. We have been through lots of ups and downs. We shared joys, tears and glories together. Thanks for your companion in these 5 years. And hopefully many years to come. *Fist punch* for you if you forget me. =P

Sacrifices are needed for the shooting. It took us 4 hours to finish and ended up with 280 great photos. #girlbeinggirl I know.

Lastly, cheers to the new chapter of life, my batch-mates.
See you when I see you!

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