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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I am back, again with an exciting platform.
I am so excited to announce my recent collaboration with theCovets -- newly launched beauty platform in Malaysia! 

I believe most of the time, when girls meet some problems regarding the skin and face, we will tryna figure out which product we should have in solving the problems. And the immediate answer we can get is mostly from our family and close friends. Information is so limited as not everyone has the same problem with you, as well as knowing the best solution to cure your skin problem. 

theCovets makes you no worries!
Together there are 5 categories of topics in theCovets. 
the Care - where you can find the solution for your skin, hair and body problem, tips to maintain the beauty as well as shop the best skin care products in Malaysia.
the Colors - where makeup tips and remedies to different kind of skin problems from experts and celebrities are available.
the Scent - where you are guided to find the perfect scent.
the Talks - where you can find out the solutions of your skin problem from your makeup artists, celebrities and beauty gurus.
the Lifestyle - about your guide to well-being, fitness and everything in between.

Let's find out the inspirational reviews on theCovets.

Stay tuned for our collaboration very soon! 
You can find more about theCovets through their web: 
Instagram: @the.covets 
Facebook page: The Covets 

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