Masking After Love, once is never enough

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Masking using mask sheet has been my all time favourite! These masks came just in time to rescue my poor dull skin. 

MaskSlim was established in 2015, aiming to provide the ladies worldwide an all-natural way to being beautiful by using beauty masks as part of daily regimen. As we all know, the traditional mask can only be used once or twice a week, with the reasons of their potency on sensitive skin and inconvenience of applying. MaskSlim wants to make a difference on this issue. Hence, a range of natural masks ideal for daily use was created to pave the new way for ladies to enhance their natural beauty.

I am a super fan of natural-ingredient-based products. Fyi, MaskSlim researches and manufactures its own range of products in France, using a formula of orange stem cells and natural ingredients. This just adds another credit for me to love MaskSlim products. 

With the founder, Estee Leong. 
Congrats Estee for the successful launch on her After Love and De Stress masks!

Malaysia first successful crowdfunded masks
Being the first within the beauty industry in Malaysia, Estee Leong and her team successfully crowd funded the two new masks through MyStartr! What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals. It makes use of the easy accessibility of vast networks of people through social media and crowdfunding websites to birng investors and entrepreneurs together. Only resonance will unite authority. Leading the advocacy of natural beauty in Malaysia, this is the resonance that unite the potential investors who love natural products and advocate the awareness of natural beauty.

Estee and the team have a very fun idea which they put a masking session in between as the peak of the launching event. And this successfully persuaded most of the men to apply masks in public!

Aimi and me.

This scene is so adorable! Haha.
Aimi applied After Love mask on her bf for the very first time in the public.

After Love Masks & De Stress Masks

After Love Mask
There is a very interesting story behind this After Love mask. Estee was inspired to launch a mask for couples. After Love has the meaning of after sex. Interesting right? haha How sweet if you ask your dearest to join you masking to spend your precious leisure! The After Love mask is made up of lavender and olive oil which helps in balancing hormones and its smell can set the tone for a romantic environment with couples in keeping their love life alive under the sheets. Indeed! I can smell a strong lavender scent throughout the 15 mins of masking. The fragrance calms my mood so well. If you have a dull and dry skin, this mask is just too suitable for you. After Love mask specially targets to lighten skin, moisturise deeply and smoothen lines for a more youthful appearance.

De Stress Mask
On the other hand, another mask, named De Stress mask specifically targets student groups. We are have been through student age. And I believe most of the students have stress especially came from examination. De Stress mask has the function to soothe the user and helps in improving sleep as peppermint and tea tree oils can soothe, nourish and hydrate especially students' skin to stay clear of breakouts caused by stress. Breakouts are normal on students who are in their puberty. Mask with tea tree ingredient will help a lot. 

Steps of proper applying a mask sheet
Step 1: Before masking, clean and dry face properly.
Step 2: Open sachet, remove the mask, and gently place it onto your face.
Ensure the mask fits your face firmly.
Step 3: Leave the mask on your face for 15-30 mins.
Step 4: Remove the mask. Massage face gently with the extra mask serum.

As you can see, the mask sheet is not in thick material. It is so soft and saturated with serum. Make sure to handle it with care or else the mask sheet will be teared off easily.

Neck can expose your vitual age! You can either apply the mask sheet around your neck or squeeze the extra essence and apply on you neck or hands to maximise the essence.

Moisturized and radiant are all I can say!

Gel Masque
Being Malaysia first and only mask specialty company, gel masque is another focus of MaskSlim. 
And I got this La Radiance Lightening | Hydrating Sleeping Gel Masque. 

This gel masque helps improve and lightens skin tone, corrects dark spots and provides moisturising and hydrating benefits.

Though it is pinkish inside the bottle, it is actually colourless on my hand with a lightweight feature.
Tbh, I found it irritated my skin, perhaps it is because I am first timer in using this product. But it gives me a good complexion after removing the masque and it stays for whole day long on my skin.

Le Price
MaskSlim priced their owned masks at very affordable price. You know? Both newly launched masks are priced at RM6.90 each. 
For the Gel Masque, it will cost you RM138 for 50gm. A standard pricing I can say.

Where to buy?
Both After love mask and De Stress masks will be available in KK Mart stores nationwide and Lazada in early October this year! While you can still buy them in BMS Organic. 

For more details:
FB: MaskSlim International
Insta: @maskslim
Website: Mask Slim

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