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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

I believe all of you heard about Taobao, an online shopping platform under Alibaba Group.
Taobao became popular over the world years ago because there are million of sellers who sell trillion of items at reasonable and affordable price! 
Why spend more while you can save? Right?

Being a Taobao shopper for years, finding a reliable and efficient purchasing or shipping agent is a problem that I always face. Well, there are a lot of Taobao purchasing agents in Malaysia. I have tried quite a few of them but lesser of them can satisfy me for a long term. 

Luckily, I found ezbuy. When I was first using ezbuy to purchase my items from Taobao, I was impressed by its efficiency. Unlike some other purchasing agents that I deal with previously, ezbuy processed my order within 48 hours right after I placed my order. Other than that, they also update the order status on time. For some special case like out of stock or prohibited items, ezbuy will contact me via email as well as the money will be refunded directly to my account.
Have you all heard of ezbuy
Trust me, it is more than just a Taobao purchasing agent! Why did I say so? Keep reading =)

P/s: Discount code and great shipping offer in the end.

Yes! NOT ONLY Taobao! 
You can now ship your item from Taiwan and USA! I'm a cosmetic addict. You know? The feeling of it's not you cannot afford to buy, it's the problem of there is no platform for you to deliver the products that you are long for! The only way to buy those products in Taiwan and USA is to ask your relative or friends to buy for you if they travel to there or you yourself have to travel to there. Finally there is a platform which help me to deliver my items from USA Sephora and Taiwan shopping website.

Ok, let's say I want to buy a dress from Taobao and now there is a way, but how does it works?

Step 1: Go to https://ezbuy.my/

And this is how the website look like on the home page. You can see many items are mostly from Taobao. Ezbuy is very caring that it categorizes all the items into appropriate groups and display all the items in tidy and distinct layout. Apart from the items displayed on the website, you can also buy the items you want by pasting URL link. 

Step 2: Copy & paste the URL link into the search box

Let's say I want to buy this dress from Taobao. What I need to do is to copy down the link.

Then head to ezbuy website and paste the link that I copied to the search box at the top right corner. 

Step 3: Fill in product details

As you can see, ezbuy automatically convert the currency into MYR. (Currency can be changed by changing the country at top left of the website). It's also one of the reason why I love using ezbuy to shop. And now, I need to make sure the information of the dress that I want to purchase is in correct by choosing the colour, size and quantity that I wanted. (If you can't read chinese, you can switch the language to English at the top left of the website.) If you have special instruction, e.g. posting out a few days later, you can add it in the Special Instruction box.

Step 4: Add to Cart

Upon finishing the details, I can now proceed to add my item into shopping cart which just located down below the Special Instruction box. 

Step 5: Checkout

After that, you will find you item has been added in the Shopping Cart at the right side of the website. And it will directly show that the item is at the China (CN) column. I can now proceed to checkout by clicking the Checkout button at the bottom right part.

As I mentioned before, ezbuy also offers to ship items from Taiwan and USA. The steps are almost the same.

Step 1:  Copy & paste the URL link from USA or Taiwan website into the search box
Step 2: Select USA/Taiwan as country of purchase
Step 3: filling all the info required (price, size, colour, description etc)
Step 4: Add to Cart
Step 5Checkout / Continue shopping

After checking out, you will be leaded to a Login/Register webpage. You need to register an account first before proceeding to the payment webpage. Newbie? You are in the right place! 
New register will be entitled for RM15 Voucher credited into ezbuy account upon signing up.
Use this link to register and get your RM15: http://bit.ly/2bOn1Ua.

Top up
Similar to some purchasing agents, ezbuy uses top-up system. It's pretty easy to use it.

This is the top-up page. As you can see, minimum top up amount is RM60. And there are a lot of banks for you to choose from. Tbh, I don't really like the minimum amount as I am thinking that is quite high and a lil unacceptable. So far, this is the only point I do not satisfy of.

Home delivery/Free self-collection
There are two options for you to choose, which are home delivery or free self collection.

Entering you desired shipping address and that's it for the home delivery. One of the most special features is the free self-collection. They have a lot of self collection locations, from north Peninsular M'sia to south Peninsular M'sia and even east Msia! They even set up their collection location at McD drive thru! Just pick the nearest venue that is convenient for you. You can find out more in their website. 

Right now, ezbuy has come out with zbuy Prime! You can save more in shipping fee. So, what is ezbuy Prime? 

Ezbuy Prime is a subscribed membership programme exclusive to ezbuy existing customers. This programme enables subscriber to enjoy unlimited parcel being shipped from oversea to your doorstep with only RM8.80 nett per checkout for Prime eligible items. Besides, Prime member can also enjoy lowest 4% agent fee for Prime eligible items.

**To subscribe ezbuy Prime membership, you are required to pay an annual fee amounted RM188. Currently, customers can get a 30-day trial membership with RM18.80.

You can now have UNLIMITED parcel shipped from oversea, any size and weight at only RM8.80 nett! Click here to know more!

RM188 is too much for you? Don't worry! Now you can enter the the code below to entitled 15% off shipping fee.

Order Status
The order status are cleared enough to guide you for the next steps. When the status turns to Ready for shipment, you can now choose your shipping method, either by home delivery or free self-collection.

Customer Service
Another point that ezbuy never disappoint me is the customer service! Every time I met the problem of changing shipping address or cancelling order etc, I will contact ezbuy hotline. They pick up phone quickly, are all in well manner and hey solve my problem in just one call. 

Newbie's rewards:
  • New register & Get RM15 Voucher into ezbuy account
  • Register for Prime Trial. Limited to daily 1st 100 register user - put in this google form - https://goo.gl/7eXgQs

For more information, please search:
Website: ezbuy.my
Facebook: ezbuy Malaysia - 65daigou
Instagram: @ezbuy.my

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