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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Girls just have a thing on skincare product and cosmetic. 
There is a saying goes in Chinese, lady is made up of water. I'm pretty agree to it! 
Every lady needs to pamper her skin with extra care as skin will reveal our ages, health and also laziness. What's always in mind is that, there is no ugly women, but only the lazy women. 
That's truth! No matter you have a flawless skin since young, if you don't keep it moisturizing, your face skin will ageing sooner than those who have extra care of their skins.

Review first, buy next!
Do you know that you can actually review the beauty product or cosmetics you ever used to redeem the product you wish to buy next? Beauty trends change overtime. We couldn't follow all the trends but we can actually look at the reviews and pick what suits us. 

BFF says provides this go-to beauty reviews and shop portal specifically in collecting the review from readers. By reviewing, you can collect the points and redeem the products you've been wanting for. Besides, BFF provides links on how to get the beauty products for your ease! So much caring! On top of that, you can also buy the beauty products thru BFF website. 

Check out my review on Deep Impact by b.liv at here

Into the website, you will find this page showed up of Write Review. 
It's pretty easy to write a review. 

Step 1: Search product
Choosing the products you wanted to review at the search column by typing the name of the product. 

Step 2: Rate it
Rate the product. Being a review website, BFF says encourages unbiased review. 
You can rate how much you like about the product unaffectedly, even with only 1 heart. 

Step 3: Name the headline

Give your review a headline. You can write anything in summary as long as short and sweet. 

Step 4: Write your review

Not only word review, photo review is encourage. As seen on the description of no.3, you will earn 50 point by writing 50 words of review. Attaching a relevant photo in the review box and you will earn extra 50 points.

Step 5: Hashtag at your favor
You can hashtag the related phrase to symbolize the characteristic of the products, and for the ease of other readers. 

Step 6: Submit your review
Prior to submit, tick in the small box to agree BFF policy and some clarification. 
Then submit your review with just a click.
Then you are done with the review! 
Kind of easy right?

The Redeem

This is the redeem page. In order to redeem, you have to at least review 5 times in BFF. You can also read other articles in specific topics as well as find discover more brands. 

Girls, don't waste your experiences. 
Share the love with other readers. 
Let's the readers know what is a must and worth-to-purchase. 

Sign up and create an account with BFF to share your own beauty product experiences too.

Join now: BFF official website:

Join the strong community of stylish ladies.
This community will appreciate your helps.

Love, R.

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