Perth Trip - Day 6 & 7

Saturday, September 03, 2016

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It was day 6! Prior to this, we returned our car in the evening of Day 5 right after we backed to Perth City from York. And we actually wasted our 1 day car rental as we didn't use our car on day 5. So, please plan well for the contingency plan to prevent a waste of money. lol 

Day 6 schedule was pretty relax, it was a road trip along Swan River fully via public transport and our legs. All of us were already get used to the climate and that was pretty hot on day 6 at average of 21 dc. 

1. Kings Park

First stop was the famous Kings Park and we went there by bus. So unfortunately that our country had not launch Pokemon Go yet, or else we probably could catch a lot! lol Kings Park was fullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of Pokemons. All the locals just buzzed around over there. 

With our google maps on, we explore the Kings Park and saw a lot kind of birds especially parrot. There were a lot of beautiful parrots!

During night time, what locals did were having BBQ at Kings Park. This was a very common thing in Aus, BBQ equipment was available at the Kings Park. Yup, that was their culture and how they spent they leisure.

This parrot had pink fur! Very beautiful.

Air was fresh there. 

2. Blue Boat House

I would say this was a must-go place for girls. Such a photogenic place, yet it was a spot for pre-wedding shoot! So unlucky that there was a gloomy day when we were there. It was located along the road which could be easily reached by using Google Maps. Car stopping at the road bay was not encouraged as the road was quite narrow and traffic was kind of busy. 

It just had the perfect spot for couple shooting. Tbh, the little house was specifically built for photo shooting purpose.

3. University Western Australia (UWA)

Just another 15 mins of walking, we reached UWA. Okay, university means a lot of young pretty girls. lol They had been waiting for. Hanging around the university made me recalled of those lecture and tutorial days, brought me back to school time. Seriously missing it. And, oversea university was much more bigger and user friendly than our local-U. (you know I know) haha So, school lovers are going to fall for this university visit!

The university was full of Maple leaf! Maple tree was sooooooooooooooooo adorable. 

Besides, we found 2 peacocks in the university! Guess I can stay for whole day in this uni if I was studying here.

4. Corica Pastries

There was something you cannot miss!!!!!!! We headed to Northbridge from Swan River (took around 15 mins by bus) just because of this APPLE STRUDEL!!

Look at this! OMG! This was heavenly good!! 

It had croissant kind of surface bands of caramelised apple and creamy custard. Crispy, sweet and juicy! Definitely worth every single cents! It was best served right after purchasing!! We bought one back to Malaysia and it did not manage to survive as it's best-serve-look. The taste was kind of different when we bought home (Msia), but it was still okay if you finish it in 3 days time. 

Because Northbridge was close to William St and the guys wanted to buy souvenirs home, we then walked to William St. In brief, William St was like a China Town, full of Chinese restaurants and stores and also some Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea and Japan Restaurants. It was like an international village, Chinese stores made up of the majority. 

I guess most of you heard of sheep oil product when it comes to Australia. Yes, Aus is famous of this! William St had a lot of stores which sell skincare, lotion (especially Lanolin Cream) made up of sheep oil oil or goat milk. You can find a shop named Pure Blue, shop no. 395, almost at the end of the street, they sell pretty much kinds of skincare products, whether in bulk, dozen or retail. You may get discount of freebies if you purchase in bulks. 

In addition, Blackmore is another famous product made in Aus. Some shops had it in cheaper price. Do shop wise by comparing before purchasing. =)

Playing around when the guys were shopping for their families and friends. Trust me, nowadays guys shop longer than girls!! lol

Our flight was at 4.40pm, we headed to airport at 1pm. We did our last shopping in our most visited hypermarket, Woolworths! Woolworths had cheap sales almost every time we visited. What we shopped for then? Fooooooooooooooooood!

1. TIM TAM In Malaysia, it cost RM20+, while in Aus, it only cost us A$2.50!!! ~RM8.00 A must buy snacks absolutely! Been regret of buying less of the original Tim Tam actually. 

2. Arnott's Iced Vovo Cookies (A$2) with coconut shred, strawberry paste tasted sweet but not very special actually. We bought as it was ranked top 3 in google search list. lol 

3. Fantales candy (A$4), chocolate paste wrapped by caramel candy tasted very sweet and chewy! I like it so much. 

4. Nougat (A$18.50, 500gm) I believe you guys have heard of this too. Freshly made in Aus, super chewy and rich texture contributed to it's notably status in snacks.

And the rest were my Lanolin cream (A$6.50) and oil (A$3.50), as well as moisturizing cream (A$20). 

I love their culture. It was day 6, I wanted to ask for shop location when I was lost and I bumped into a local. She was waiting to cross the road. She was so friendly and try her best to help out. (Although she did not know the location of the shop). 

And the train station crew was so much helpful too! He explained carefully to us the steps of using Transperth app. Australians were just so lovely and generous! But somehow, their pronunciation was a lil bit dissimilar with ours (especially 'a', they pronounced like 'i'). hahaha 

Before moving to tips, I summarized my expenditure down below (in per pax basis).

Accommodation (Backpacker + Airbnb) = A$138
Flight and baggage = RM700
Transport (Bus, ferry and train) = A$197.55
Car rental = A$53.29
Food and beverages = A$96.04
Miscellaneous = A$49.43
Skydiving = A$355
Visa = A$20

Total Spending = A$1,138.44 ~ RM3,472.25

With this amount, you can go skydive and exploring most of the places in Western Australia. It was a budget trip actually as we spent most of the money on visiting places rather than on food. Tbh, we didn't eat very well seriously. hahaha

There are few tips you need to know before going to Perth or any part in Aus:

1. Download Transperth and Google Maps

These two apps were so so so so much useful!! The time when we got no car, these apps were so essential to us! From one point to another, these apps save us a lot lot lot of time and energy by leading us throughout these 7 days.

2. Data plan
Yes, internet has become an essential in our lives. Although there was public wifi available in Perth city, there were some tourist spots such as Pinnacles and Rottnest Islands have no public wifi access at all. 

Upon we reached at Perth airport, we straight away went to Optus store for purchasing data plan. There was an obvious banner written A$2 for 500MB per day. It was counted as cheaper deal. Three of us (included me) purchased the data plan and it cost us A$15 for 7 days. So far, the data had very good connection even in Rottnest island. I would strongly recommend you to purchase Optus data package. When it came to the last day of the data plan, a message was sent to me, reminded me of how much data that I could use for the last day. Do check out Vodafone and Telstra for their packages for comparison. =)

3. Groupon Deal
I was actually told that Groupon had great deal when it came to sand surfing. If you read my article regarding my day 3 in Perth, I mentioned that the sand boards we got were at half price of their initial price. Do check out for more great offers! 

4. Skincare and make-up routine
I mentioned a lot about the breeze in previous articles. The breeze was sometime humid and sometime dry. For boys, if you do not really care of your skin or do not have regular skincare routine, I advice you to just wash your face with tape water. If you really do have skincare routine everyday, after facial wash, kindly apply moisturizer or cream emulsion to feed your skin. As per our experience, most of the guys had their face skin peeling due to not applying any moisturizer. 

For girls, make up is encouraged! I never found out myself so comfortable wearing make-up on! After I applied my daily use skincare products, I applied my cosmetics. I like dewy make-up so much but dewy make-up may melt under hot sun especially in Malaysia! To prevent skin dehydration, I didn't put on loose powder upon finishing my make-up as it will matte out my make up. Besides, you can play with darker lip colour with matte texture as it match the fall and winter season so perfectly! 

5. Buy some snacks with you along the journey
As I mentioned, the journeys to Pinnacles desert and the ride around Rottnest island were lack of restaurant and convenience store. It is better to buy some snacks or biscuits with you. And you can save a lot of money if you plan your meal well. 

6. Shop and cook
We Malaysians are at disadvantage in a situation when it comes to currency conversion. AUD 1 ~ MYR 3.05 If you have limited budget, you may shop for the ingredients in their grocery stores such as Woolworths, Coles etc., their groceries are offered at very reasonable and affordable price. For A$60, we bought 2 bottles of 2L milk, 1 pack of hot dog, 24pcs of biscuits, roasted chicken, 4 carbohydrate drinks, 1 dozen of eggs, 1 500gm cake and few packs of snacks. Home made food is definitely cheaper than a feast. 

7. Late sunrise and early sunset
OMG! Australia had the earliest sunset ever! The sun rose around 6 smth to 7 in the morning but sunset in the early evening! 5pm!! Rushing for schedule was a big challenge. We actually missed out some places because of the early sunset. To maximize your itinerary, kindly plan well by estimating the time taken to reach your preferred destinations.

Thanks for reading. 
Comment if you have any question. 

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