Perth Trip - Day 4

Saturday, August 27, 2016

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It was day 4 when I started to fall in love with this city. I got used to the breeze, transport, buildings and people.

On that day, we had a long hour drive journey again. We just managed to visit two places due to the time constraint.

1. Busselton Jetty

Similar to the road trip to The Pinnacles, we used up almost 3 hours to reach Busselton Jetty. Busselton Jetty located 235km away of Perth city, at south of Perth. 

On our halfway to the jetty, we stopped at Mandurah for grocery shopping. Mandurah was noted with cruise tour as it is home to variety of wildlife including dolphins, shags, pelicans and an abundance of marine life. 

After grocery shopping, we then headed to Busselton Jetty. As it located along with sea, the breeze definitely stronger than the city. 

There were a lot of activities at the jetty. One significant activity was the Jetty Train. It cost A$12 per pax. It offered the tourists with 1.7km train ride journey across the tranquil water of Geographe Bay. We didn't take the ride as there was a gloomy day and we were so hungry at that time. (stomach win, lol) And then we had our quick lunch at the nearest cafe. If you prefer to walk for the journey, they do provide guided walk tour. 

Hunting Pokemon on the jetty! haha So unlucky that Malaysia have not launch Pokemon Go yet that time. lol

What I thought was the interpretive centre was located at the beginning of the jetty was a good sign for tourist like us. lol That centre was photogenic yet reachable without paying entrance fee for photos. hahaha 

2. Leeuwin Estate

In our actual plan, Margaret River tour supposed to be our next destination. But due to time constraint (it was near 3pm when we reached the destination, tours were almost finish), so we chose to go to the winery. Leeuwin was the most famous and highly recommended among all the winery over there. It located at Margaret River wine region. 

I was impressed by the green lawn again. So naturally beautiful. 

If you read my Perth trip Day 1 article, you will know we had beer foc testing. Same went to wine. We had wine foc testing. They offered us 3 kinds of white wine and 2 kinds of red wine. White wine tasted like fruity, mostly made up of variety of fruits. While one of the red wine (4th) tasted very spicy as they used spices as their main ingredient. Another red wine (5th) tasted better like grape. 

We bought the 1st one, 2015 Art Series Riesling at A$23.68. The 2015 Riesling exhibits concentrated aromas of citrus blossom, sweet spice, musk and subtle perfume of golden delicious apples. Overall, it was the smoothest among all. But, I think it is better if you can buy the red wine home as it's quality spoke it's all.

A very relaxing day we had. But kind of regret that we didn't manage to have a tour along Margaret River. 

We then had our dinner at Cloverdale home. Maggie dinner again. lol. Their grocery was definitely cheaper than Malaysia. (Comparing with Aus income and Aus living cost) We bought a lot of ingredients such as pork, chicken, tomyam seasoning, biscuits, carbohydrate drinks (A$0.95 only!!!!!), snacks, etc. all at not exceed A$100 at total. In addition, western food package was always big portion, it was really cheap per serving. So I would recommend you to rent a house which provide cooking facility as cooking cut down our spending a lot. 

Stay tuned for Day 5 Skydiving!!

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