Perth Trip - Day 3

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Travel Vlog watch here.
The 3rd day! 3rd day was all about nature hunting. Firstly we had Yanchep National Park for koala bear and kangaroo hunting, then we had Lancelin Sand Dunes for sand surfing and finally Pinnacles for scenery hunting. 

Before going to all these places, we had our Estima with us. Our car for 3 days. Alright, you need a car to tour around the places I stated above because they located 200km away from Perth City. Unless Pinnacles is not in your list, you will never need a car. But Pinnacles is a must must must go place! hahaha We then headed to Pinnacles at 9am in the morning.

Car Info: We rented Toyota Tarago (aka Estima) for A$373 for 3 days. (A$53.29 per pax or RM 162.54) It was a reasonable deal. From the picture above, their rate was the cheapest among all car rental company. And we saw quite a number of cars labeled with no birds at Kings Park and Pinnacles. This proved that their deal was very recommended! When we got the car, it was fully fueled. The deal was we gonna fully fuel when we returned the car. A very important if you drive at Perth, you have to follow the speed limit sign. Beware that Australia government stresses on the speed limit no matter on highway or rural area. 

From Left, Puma Energy, Shell, Bp and Caltex

For the fuel, these 4 were the most common I saw. Puma Energy, Shell (aka Coles Express) and Caltex had the fix fuel price for the whole Perth, while Bp fuel price is different for certain places, for instance, when you are at East Perth, the fuel price for Bp is A$124.90 cents per liter, while you will have A$103.90 cents per liter in North Perth. You can estimate your fuel price here

1. Yanchep National Park 

First stop was Yanchep National Park. *Screammmmmmmmm* for the scenery again! Like a painting! OMG! All these contributed by mother nature and Australia government appreciated it by maintaining it very well!

Yanchep National Park located 42km north of Perth, popular with its native bush and koala colonies. Koala and kangaroo could be said as the symbols of Australia. Yeah so why we were here. As it was a national park, they were get used to wild nature and strange to outsiders, hence we coudn't hug or approach them. The entrance fee was A$12 per vehicle. it was super cheap as we shared by 7 of us.
*If you prefer to approach them and hug them, you may go to Caversham Wildlife Park. Its entrance fee is A$27 per pax. But the park has a lot of kinds of animals such as koala, kangaroo, wombat, etc. You can feed the kangaroos and koalas.

I don't regret of not going to Caversham Wildlife Park. As for me, I got to see koala and kangaroo. That's enough for me. hahaha And Yanchep had a super breathtaking natural view. Nature lover gonna falls for it!

One thing to bear in mind, Australia has its sunrise at 7am and sunset at 5pm! Yanchep National Park's office hours were from 8.30am to 5pm. Better plan your journey beforehand. More detail: Yanchep National Park Website

Finally got to see these two famous Ks for the first time. *wink*

Group photo. I never felt down when comes to travelling bunch of guys! A lot of funny jokes, happened every single minutes! 

2. Lancelin Sand Dunes

After 56 mins drive from Yanchep, here we were. Lancelin Sand Dunes, another mother nature creation. Another must-go place! Off your shoes and embrace your feet with cold fine sand. Be honest, we felt hot on the 3rd day and we got sunburned after sand boarding. Okay travelling don't care. If you hope for an injection of adrenaline, this is the right place! Sand boarding down massive 45 degree angle dunes spurred my adrenaline to the max. The guys had a lot of fun there. Because of we reached at noon time, it was freaking hot at the peak. But it was all worth it when we were rewarded with a panoramic outlook over Lancelin, sand hills and coastline. 

For the sand board, we purchased it thru Groupon. Groupon was such useful for the first time I was abroad. With Groupon, we just got one sand board at A$10 while normal price was A$20! So, remember to search for Groupon deal before travelling. The sand board was shareable, they didn't force everyone to rent.

"Qian Shou Guan Ying" was flying huh? 

*Ignore my face*

The best shot for Sand boarding!

3. The Pinnacles

The pinnacles located at Nambung National Park. Same as Yanchep National Park, the entrance fee was A$12 per vehicle. We were told to fasten our seat belts along the journey to avoid being fined. From Lancelin, it took us another 1 hr to reach Pinnacles. 

It was another desert located in Nambung National Park, noted with its limestone formations. It was named as Pinnacles was because of the stones looked alike with the pinnacle of our ear. The stones will be falling down or broken down. There were many signs stated do not climb as the stones were formed by seashells, they were vulnerable. The panorama of Pinnacles was magnificent!

The background was just too nice for selfie!

Pattern lai liao.

I was acting cool with my leather jacket. lol

Okay. You suited tudung style the max!

We found a special germ along the journey to Pinnacles Gallery. There was a beach! Yes! Girls love beach! 

He let me stepped onto his feet. It was kinda pain I knew. Yeah, this photo was precious as the difficulty was 4/5. lol

Before moving to the food highlight for this trip, we starved for the whole day again. No shop, no cafe, no convenience store along the journey to Pinnacles! (P/s: there were shops at Lancelin township) Luckily we had snacks as 'supplement'. Gosh! Remember to bring along your biscuits and water with you. I was numb to the starve already. As I stated, we used up almost 3 hrs to reach Pinnacles including sand boarding fun time, we got to used up the exact amount of time to travel back to Perth City. Hence, we reached Perth City around 7pm. The sky was like totally dark and it looked like 8pm or 9pm in Malaysia. 

4. Ciao Italia

The highlight! The highlight! The highlight that you cannot miss! Before our trip, we was recommended by our friends that Ciao Italia has the best food in town! Well, it was worthy of the rate! It was located at the South Perth, we reached there around 8pm. 

Address: 273 Mill Point Rd, South Perth WA 6151, Australia

We were in the queue. It was normal to have full house. lol We queued for about half an hour. The waiters were super friendly! They arranged the customers to be seated accordingly in a very well manner. I think this contribute partially to the rating. 

The menu. 

(Left) Champion food went to Cozze Pescatora. The mussels!!!!!! We couldn't calm ourselves after the first taste. The soup base is heavenly scrumptious far more better than we had in Cicerello's. oops sorry Cice It's texture was rich and sour. The mussels were at very fresh condition. This dish was the must-order!! We found this on almost every table! Sometimes, we miss it so much! Definitely worth full mark of rating 5/5!!

(Right) We ordered two kinds of pasta. But this one was recommended by the waiter, named Alla Salerno (Linguine). Homemade squid ink pasta serve with cream and prawn. I rated it 4/5. 

(Left) Smoked Salmon Pizza (Middle) Ciao Italia Fettuccine (Right) Chilli King Prawn Pizza
Overall, these three were quite normal compare to champion food stated above. But the Fettuccine (pasta) was way too creamy and a little bit tasteless compared to the squid ink pasta. 

Chocolate cake tasted like too sweet while the lime cakes was way too sour.

This is da booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomb! 

It's name was tiramisu, served at the counter. The king dessert of the restaurant! I don't really like tiramisu as some tiramisu found just way too cakey and it was instilled in my mindset, it's a cake consisted caffeine. But this one was heavenly good in texture! OMG! I don't know how to describe! Every layers were perfectly put, the best I can say! It was also a must-order!! I rated it 6/5!! hahahahaha! We spent A$185 for all these dishes.

This dinner was our most precious and super satisfied one! The restaurant was very happening with its cozy ambiance. Though all the waiters were of hustle and bustle, but every waiters served their customer in super well manner! This was the point I prefer westerners! Though they were just waiters, they wouldn't slack or rude to every customers.They were professional waiters. This restaurant deserved the rates!

Back to Cloverdale homestay. Fall asleep straight away after a moderate exhausted day.
And Goodnight. 

Stay tuned for Day 4

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