Perth Trip - Day 2

Sunday, August 21, 2016

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Rottnest Island

The second day was Rottnest Island day! *excited* As it is located just 18 km west of Fremantle, so we scheduled it to the second day after Fremantle. I started to enjoy the cold breeze over there.

Me with the ferry from Rottnest Express. 
I brought my newly bought cosmetic to perth! I just can't hide my love to Katvon D liquid liptisck! 

Eyeliner: KatVon D Tatoo Liner
Eyebrow: Nudestix dirty blonde 
Lips: KatVon D Lolita II

The guys had been waiting for this day to come! We departed from Sundancer backpacker to the Long Jetty which is just about 5 mins walking distance. Fyi, we booked our tickets  two weeks before our trip thru Rottnest Express

(If you have no idea what to do on the island and want to know more activity, kindly visit Rottnest Island Official Website, they have tour packages as well.) 

The ticket is quite expensive as it cost us A$79.50 per pax which equal to approximately RM243. They have fix schedule for the ferry. Be sure to check out their schedule before you go. We picked the earliest one. Surprisingly wind ceasing and waves still, we had a tranquil and comfortable ferry ride. We didn't stay for overnight and it was all about one day roundabout challenge. Yes, when I called it a challenge, it is really a challenge! 

Yeah! We were on our tandem bike.

Well, to be very honest, since I was very young, I didn't manage to ride a bicycle alone. LOL (don't laugh please) They were worried of me and I nearly disappointed Guan for missing a chance to explore the island with bike riding. Well, I was super steady and sure that there was tandem bike for hire. And they really HAVE IT!!! *super excited* The tandem bike can only be bought at the island as there was no any website for online booking. So far I just saw one bike hire shop at the island named Pedal and Flipper, located near the Rottnest island office at the entrance. We were guided by the staff to the store actually. Australians were super friendly!!

The guys had their bike from Rottnest Express. To book the bike : Rottnest Island Bike Hire
Single bike hire for adult cost A$30 per bike. Guess what, our tandem bike cost us A$48 for the hire, which equable to A$24 per pax. *Cheaper than A$30 hahahahaha* (Save more then win liao)

We had our breakfast first before our island hopping. Only bread and Nutella. lol Bread was cold because of the breeze. 

Tadaaaaaaaaa! Guan was long for this lil cutie. Guess he will blame me for the whole life if tandem bike is not available. lalalalalala

It is quokka which only can be found is Western Australia. A very very very rare species of kangaroo but like a mix with rat. It was cute with its symbolic smiley face! I was trying to approach but I was still scare. lol It is not aggressive actually. 

*I just can't stop laughing hahahaha* Found this photo in Riang's album. Sooooooorry guys!

With the guys aka his super brother. A special credit to Riang for all the nice photos with your wide angle lens. 

Never thought that sea could be this blue! 

Thanks to Riang so so much for these high quality photos!

Follow me to.

Bathurst Lighthouse. 

I can't recall which bay is this. I was just too impressed by it!! Look at what mother nature has made. Look how breathtaking the sea view is! This worth our whole day hardwork ride. 

What made us feel challenging is that the bike return time is at 3.30pm, we got to rush back to the shop yet we were still in the half way back to the shop at 1.00pm! We spent too much of time at the beginning in taking photos. There were a lot lot lot of killing upslope!! As for tandem bike, the front rider was more exhausted than the back rider. oops Upslope was to train our stamina and determination to conquer hardship. lol Ohh there was one more thing I didn't mention, there were no any convenience shop or cafe along the road. Yes all of us were starved for the whole day already! Can you imagine? The starve plus upslope, it became nightmare wtf. (Highly recommend to bring some biscuit packs with you along the ride!!)

Luckily we managed to return our bike at 3.00pm. Credited to Google Map, it leaded us to the shop at 3.00pm after hard-ride. We really scared that we couldn't reach the shop in time. lol (for the data, I will explain more in my last post about perth). 

After an exhausted day, we took our luggage from Sundancer Backpacker. The owners were considerate that they allowed us to put our luggage in the storeroom since morning. Then we said goodbye to Fremantle and headed to Perth city, then Cloverdale by train and bus. Fremantle Stn > Perth Stn > Bays Water Stn 

Tada! This was our Cozy Holiday Inn we got to stay for the following 5 days. The guys got it from Airbnb. 

As you can see, it could accommodate 7 people. It has 7 beds. As of its name, it was really cozy and comfortable. And most importantly, we found out the owners were Malaysian! They immigrated from Sabah to Perth. A very nice couple to deal with. 

Initially, we just had our 6D5N trip in Perth. Because of Air Asia kept delaying the flight twice for us, we prolonged one day for the trip. Above is the price for 5 nights. Basically, we stayed in Cloverdale from 25 July to 30 July, 6D5N. Overall, we just spent A$116 for these 6D5N per pax (RM353.80), kind of reasonable! And also credited to the benefit of group travel. 

The entire house was fully equipped. You may refer to the amenities above. As stated. the house located 10 mins drive from Perth city. The living room, kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom were all in separate spaces. Western houses be like. 

The purpose of renting a house rather than hotel: WE CAN COOK! We had maggie mee as dinner and some hotdog, ham, vege as well. 

Here ended an exhausted day. 

Stay tuned for Day 3.

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