Unforgettable V'day

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I wish to specifically put down this day in writing not just because it is a V'day. Objectively, this post is to compensate the regret of no photo taken during the incident. I call it an experience rather than a grumble.

On 14 Feb 2016, yes it is Valentine's day. Hoping every couples out there are blissful all the years!

Fyi, we are heading back KL from his hometown and it is the end of the CNY holiday.He was trying to drive the 23 years old car back to KL. And the journey took around 3 hours. After 1 hours of journey, the temperature kept rising and luckily he realised it in time and stopped the car at the emergency lane. Conclusion, the engine was overheating. In chinese, it means 水滚 lol. Okay, we didn't blame on this spontaneous incident, he got panic actually and we are all first timer. Of course it is not a must to go through this kind of thing. lol 

I believe guys will have this kind of knowledge. I just wana remind everyone especially girls, when come to this kind of incident, please please please stop your car at the emergency lane and then wait until your car cool down. And always checking the temperature of the engine to prevent engine shut down and can be said GONE.

It was kind of lucky that we met the plusliner tow truck after couple of minutes (we stopped at the emergency lane under scorching hot sun).

Reminder: And the engine will not cool down immediately and it required about 1 to 2 hours to cool down completely. After the engine cooling down, then you only can refill the cooled radiator.

After that Then the tow truck towed our car to the nearest R&R. lol This is the highlight! We both got to towed by tow truck in the highway for the first time and on this special day. Kinda regret that no photo was taken!! lol

We managed to change car as his parent sent us another car and then we continue our journey to KL after 2 hours. Well, all the plan delayed and then we got an unforgettable V'day. I felt grateful for the great experience. Since I got my license, I was educated and always warned by my dad that always checking the temperature of engine (Engine temperate meter). Better to beware when it rises more than half! Then I always imagine how will it looked like if the needle hit H. lol Now I knew! 

After this incident, I was touched with some thoughts. Physical luxury doesn't determine how deep your love is. The moment or experience undergone together is precious and irreplaceable.

Thanks for the flower, my favourite! <3 

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