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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Before I go into details of my first ever buddy trip, let me share with you this princess-liked cafe!
We was like super excited with this beautifully dressed surface.

Tiffany Blue lovers will definitely mad at this!! If this is my house, I will take lots of OOTD photo everyday! LOL So princessly! 

The mini garden of the cafe.

By all means, seizing the chance to have a photo. XD

Briefly describing the upstair. This is the staircase corner. Filled with tiffany blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I guess this is the symbolic icon of the cafe. Cute lil girl with turquoise hair. 

You will first saw this deer painting and elegant corner which I can't resist. Too adorable!!

This is the decoration of the upstair.

Owner is trying to bring the Europe style ambiance.

Moving to the downstair. Look at their pantry, tiffany blue theme again! 
(except the coffee machine haha)

I just can't! I like this corner the most! Tiffany blue decor! 

The bun section. So girly!!

A lot of handmade cookies finely dressed. 

The menu. 

There is another room to chill. 

This appears to be my most favourite part of the cafe. Wall-paper-liked. hahaha

The colours tell you where girl and boy should go. lol

Like most of the cafe nowadays, they provides free-flow water. The mugs are in tiffany blue too!!

Okay, let's talk about what we have in the cafe. 
1. All Day Breakfast RM 18
You can either choose tea or black coffee. 
Every bites are fresh and awesome. 
It must be the best seller of the cafe.

My order. lol
2. Hot green tea latte RM10.50
Neither too sweet nor tasteless.
But, I prefer matcha. 

Our bunsssssssss as lunch. 

3. Green Tea Ice Cream Cake RM13
It is green tea ice cream. A lil bit tasteless I can say. hmmm

4. Cheese croissant RM4.20
Although the cheese is the toppings of the croissant, but the taste did not run off. 
A small piece of butter and a lil bit blueberry jam are provided for you to add on. 

5. Cheesy potato pie (I'm not sure of the exact name lol)
Filled with cheese, potato and mushroom in a crispy pie. 
I like the mouthfeel it gives.

6. Almond croissant RM4.20

(I'm not sure of the exact name lol)
7. Chocolate rolled mini bun
8. Mini bun
9. Cheesy mixed meat puff

10. Raisin bun

They are my housailei buddiessssss! (kurang satu)

The owner sincerely put the effort in decorating the whole cafe without letting off every single corner. A place worth staying for hours just to chill and catch up. Pricing is reasonable. I like the cozy ambiance the most. Not to forget the welcoming theme colour as well!

Hope you enjoy. =)

No 83,Jalan Langsat
Taman Teh Teng Seng, 
31400 Ipoh, Perak.
Business Hours : Daily 9.00am - 8.00pm
Tel : 055471328
Fb : Petit Mary Pattisserie 

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