D'wali Nail Art

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Nail art is a very common nowadays which can proved by the increase of nail spa and nail salons. Fyi, one of my resolutions during my semester break is taking a nail art class. Unfortunately, I didn't realize it. Keeping something undone makes me guilt. In my mind, I always wanted to equip myself with the skill that I'm interested in. Lol..hunger for self-achievement

Come back to the topic of the day. I'm just a beginner. I'm sorry if my masterpiece make you feeling unease. LOL As today is Deepavali, a brand start for our Indian fellow, I've come out with a D'wali nail art.

Tadaaaa¬ My friend told me it's like from thumbnail to middle fingernail looked like CNY, only the last two looked like D'wali. LOL Whatever¬ My very first nail art. It's real hard to use left hand to draw a perfect line on right hand as I'm right-handed. But, every skill can be mastered if you practice it everyday. =) 

These are the materials I used.
1. Nail polish: The face shop (Gold PO2B1, Red PO5B1, Milky white OD161)
2. Gel Top Coat: Sasatinnie
3. Brush size 0 from taobao
4. Decoration items from taobao

Lastly, Happy Deepavali to all the Indian Fellows. Wishing you all have a prosperous year ahead! =D

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