Ringgit Rose Tutorial

Monday, October 19, 2015

October is the hot season for convocation especially for this week, for UM.
Choosing a gift is important as it shows the appreciation to your buddies in throughout journey, sharing of excitement with your friends and siblings. Having dilemma in choosing an ideal convo gift for them? I'm here to introduce you a DIY Ringgit rose bouquet! This may be a good choice as a presentable gift. You may find it at YouTube, but there are all made up of dollar. Lol. So here is a Malaysia Ringgit version of DIY roses by petals tutorial!

First of all, these are the materials which are required to make a rose. Prepare 5 pcs of RM1, fine wire, cotton swab and moderate wire. Let's kick start. 

Step 1: Fold the ringgit into vertical half. Step 2: Fold the ringgit into horizontal half. Step 3: Take 25% of ringgit horizontally and fold it to the middle line. Do it for both sides. Step 4: Make the line obvious 

Step 5: Fold another line from the most outer part of ringgit
Step 6: Here is the look when you open it, there are 5 horizontal folded line in totals.
Step 7: So here are the looks of 5 pcs of ringgit, repeat step 1 to step 6 for all 5 pcs. Step 8: We move into forming a petal by squeezing a pcs of ringgit.

Step 9: Fold it into half and form a petal shape. Step 10: Use a fine wire to make the middle part stick together by wrapping the fine wire with ringgit. Step 11: Coil the fine wire at the bottom and make it like a stick-shape.
Step 12: Roll the petal by using cotton swab.

Step 13: Roll the outer petal outward. .
So here forms the look for a complete petal. <front view & side view>

Do it for all 5 petals and these are the outcome! Pretty easy and sweet!
Ps:/ I prefer to roll it inward for the inner petal and outward for outer petal. You can roll both outward for both inner and outer petals.

Step 14: Coil two petals together to form the rose bud. <upper view of rose bud>

Step 15: Coil the 3rd petal to the rose bud stated above. Coil the 4th petal and 5th petal. And you are 90% done with one rose! <side view of 3 petals rose & upper view of one complete rose>
Step 16: As I did not choose wisely initially, (actually you can choose green fine wire to coil the petal) so I have to coil the fine wire with the harsh green wire in order to form a bouquet. So I place the fine wire with the harsh wire. Step 17: Coil them together. Step 18: This is the final product of one complete ringgit rose.

There are a lots of method to do a money rose. But I found out that this is the method that I preferred. Of course, RM10 rose looked nicer! haha.  

Hope you found it useful. =)
Do feedback me by commenting me below if any.

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