5 important things that you have to keep in mind when you are on diet.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Let's start with my journey from 4Xkg  to 5Xkg, then back to normal weight. 
I am blogging about my transformation in these few years. The process and the recover. 
Starting off with a 2010 photo which I was just 17. 

My weight was actually still start with 4! (4xKg) Let's go further. 

This was during July, 2011. I have been chosen to be one of the matric-ian. I pursued my local foundation studies in Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor starting from May 2011 to April 2012. Hmm~ A lil bit expanded right?

After 5 months, which was Dec 2011, I was just feeling wth when looking back these old photo. I was thinking what was wrong with my body, my hormone? hmm.. Post breaking syndrome? LOL. 

April, 2012. I found eating in cafe every single meal including tea time was expensive actually, I decided to have Hup Seng biscuit with blueberry jam for breakfast and tea time. How crazy I was! I think that was the cause. hmmm.....

May 2012, I was graduated from matriculation study. Things did not change no matter how hard I 

Aug 2012. Things didn't change. Gosh! 
Wait a minute. During the time when I was waiting for my university enrollment result, I had actually went for a slimming treatment from Wxx xxx. Next time I won't go to this kind of silly slimming program even for my natal care. I spent 500++ for this program and it didn't give me the effect that I wanted!

Dec 2012. Even worsen after I enrolled in my undergraduate study. 

May, 2013. After 5 months, thanks god something happened to me. hahaha! Still not the much as I can, but at least some fat gone. (I will explain the why and how later.)

Dec 2013. Close to the body shape that I wanted for so long! *relieved*

You may wonder where is my fat gone from Jan 2013 to May 2013. My answer is dancing competition. During January and February, I was having intensive practice in preparation of FESENI in March (an annual art festival held in UM). So, according to my trial and error, exercise is definitely the right and only way to slim down! Meanwhile, you gotta control your diet as well. 

Back to the topic, the 5 important things that you have to keep in mind when you are on diet. 

1. Construct an ideal weight and ideal body shape in your mind.
Everything start with a goal. You have to find out what is the body shape and weight that you look for. Using the law of attraction, place the body shape (it is better you can find the related picture) at the places that you can see everyday; or ideal weight (writing the figures on a paper and paste it on the wall near to your bed). Trust me, it works! For my experience, I chose to put SNSD poster as my laptop background and the ideal weight on a sticky memo pad at my cupboard.     

2. Despite of constructing the mindset, keep thinking of it. 
Well, those pictures and memo pad are not there for you to ignore. You should keep thinking of them whenever you see them and anytime as long as you are awaken. This is the basis of law of attraction. Thinking of how good do you feel when you have that kind of body shape and body weight, thinking of how good do you feel when you impress others. Things start to change when you start to think. I used to it during beginning of 2012, but it only happened to me at mid of 2013. As if your weight doesn't change much even you already do your best, never mind, don't lose hope! Keep thinking! 

3. Exercise! Exercise! And exercise!
No diet pills! No fasting! Some diet pills will bring side effect and some will just loss your weight temporary. Don't waste your parents' money and own money. Fasting will only eat up your muscle that stored in your body. Fasting do not digest those carbohydrate and fat in your body. I used to practice few dances as my exercise in my uni. 
Between the period from July 2013 to August 2013, I actually paid for 2 months fees for gym. During that time, I appreciate the time in gym room (somehow because I paid >< haha). Two months with consistently exercise will definitely loss few kg of weight! (provided thrice per week, not too much and not too less) Keep in mind, neither over nor too less. 
At the beginning stage, I used to run on the treadmill thrice per week with 30 mins, increasing speed; and also ride the exercise bike for 20-25 hours, one to one and a half hour of gym per session is enough. After 2-3 weeks working on cutting carbohydrate, I basically went for muscle training. FYI, building muscle is never a bad for girls! Using muscle training gym equipment for once does not mean you will get a big size muscle on your hand! Throw that stupid thought. Sitting up, biceps and triceps training, dumbbell lifting, using rowing machine and back muscle training were my favorite! Consistently build your muscle by burning your fat is the smart way of diet. 

4. Appreciate those who called you FATTY.
I think this is well-known nickname, isn't it? lol. I believe nobody likes this nickname. But, for the people like me, who will specially care what others said about me. Sometimes, it is good to remember those calling as it works as a alarm in your mindset that 'Is time to on diet!' I really appreciate those, sincerely. I ever told myself, I will prove that to them, I can do it!

5. Buy the smaller size of shirt and pants. 
You might think this is a silly act which may result in wasting money. Trust me, it really works! I used to buy 2 pants during CNY shopping, they are both S sizes. I can't fit it when I had a test at my home, I told myself, keep fit to fit it. This is to build a mindset that, one day, you will fit the ideal size of you (also one of the method of law of attraction). 

Last but not least, keep thinking that 'I am as slim as (your idol)'! 

Hope you'll like my sharing. Do share with me your diet method in the comment. =)

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