The colour of Spring.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The big festival is just around the corner.
Being home sweet home all the day during holiday is just get workaholic out there envy about, but it is sometimes way too boring.
What I did during this Semester break was going back to my teenage favourite, WATERCOLOUR PAINTING.

First thing comes to my mind was a challenging idea, Miniature. Miniature can be defined as small-scale production, small painting in an illuminated text, a very small physical model, a small figure, and etc. Everything is in mini size. I was actually inspired by an artist, named Elena Limkina. She almost done a piece of 5cm x 5cm or even smaller miniature drawing everyday! It is merely zero defect on her mini sketch.

I picked the word Spring in Mandarin. This is actually a Chinese New Year decorative sticker that people used to paste on their door or wall. 

The colour I mixed was Buncho no. 13 Red and no. 131 Brilliant Red. 

The hero behind the scene goes to ARTPAC White Nylon Series brush, size 0.
You can get the brush at Popular. 

I am actually using 7cm x 7cm drawing book, so it does not really that mini. The hard part will be the detail drawing and painting. =P 

Stay tuned for Peony painting. =)
Hope you enjoy. 

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