Alkaline coconut cookies

Friday, February 13, 2015

The eve of Valentine day, and few days before Chinese New Year, I spent my time on CNY project! Not going to do any DIY V-day gift as I already sent him a jersey with name. =) 
Here you go! 

This is actually the second cookies I made. My mum bought this flour due to we didn't know what these cookies come out like. And actually, I prefer to buy the ready mixed flour as it is cheaper and give me assurance on baking. lol 


Material list:
1. Ready mixed Alkaline biscuit cookies flour (included shredded coconut and sugar)   460g
2. Cooking Oil 160g (given) *I was using 200g, I will tell you why later.*
3. Alkaline water 1/2 Teaspoon

1. 已经混合好的面粉 (包括椰丝和糖)460g
2. 食油 160g (根据原装)* 可是我用200g,详情待会揭晓*
3. 碱性水 半茶匙

1. Puts all the materials inside the container and uses mixers to mix it. (speed: Lo, 2-4)
把所有的材料放进碗里,用搅拌机搅匀。 (低速,2-4)

You may curious why the dough will turn out like this and I was thinking of something wrong actually. Hence, I added extra 40g cooking oil into it and mix it again. (total 200g)
The result was slightly better than this. 
看到面粉团这样散成一对自己也吓到,哈哈!所以我加了多40g 的食油。(总共200g)之后面粉团就变得比较浓密一点。

2. It's time to shape it! As the original texture of this cookies is kind of broken pieces, so I shaped with my own hand, made it looked like Chinese dumpling. lol

3. Puts it inside the oven and bake it. (temperature:130 degree celcius, time: 18 mins)

Take note that it will actually expand during baking. Tadaaaaa~ this is the baked look of the cookies. 
注意,在烤箱里饼干会膨胀。 以下是完成品!

Spot the difference? hehe! Today is the eve of V-day. Trying different way to deliver the message. Through this method, I wanna tell you I heart you and thanks for everything especially your caring! <3 data-blogger-escaped-nbsp="" data-blogger-escaped-p="">

Although we are physically apart, I believe you are missing me right? haha! ILY. Happy valentine's day love. 

Hope you guys enjoy reading. 

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