Poker Valentine

Thursday, February 13, 2014

What is the hottest festival right now?
Definitely a sweet Valentine day!
Most of the couples are sure preparing their own pressie for the love one is it?
Either buying the lovely him or dearest her a couple stuff, jewelry, a bouquet of romantic roses or DIY a wishing card to make memorable of this day annually. 
But for me, I did a special thing for ourselves, not for him but it is mine =PPPPPP. Teehee~~
Its POKER card!! 

The front view, back view and side views of the cover! You can create your own! 

Thousand of our photos behind the card! We are the logo! =D

How to get this? Its just very simple!
If you are photo editor users, it is definitely a so-so for you. 
Step 1: Go to Pixajoy.
Step 2: choose playing card.
Step 3: fill in the related info and edit your ideal poker card (you can choose either poker or pair card).
Step 4: After done editing all the cards, make payment and submit your info.#

It sometimes will be having PROMOTION!!!
I get it with the cheapest promo price too! Get it hurry! 

Something has taken my very first V-day with you. So unlucky that I couldn't celebrate with you on the right day. But a saying goes, as long as you are in love, everyday is valentine day!! Its definitely right! Teehee =D Our photos aren't too much, but its will be overloaded someday!! haha Line characters are our communication language, it links our heart closer and closer. *heart* 

Hope you all like it. =)

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