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Monday, December 23, 2013

Think of a special birthday present for your loved ones? Here come a plaster owls. =) I was just shop randomly on the past few days. This attracted me in Typo, Pavillion. 
TYPO is a one stop concept store with irrestible products to fill your space with confidence. Taking treands from the fashion industry and applying them to notebooks, decal wall art, gift wrap and other speciality items.
Lot No. : 4.01.03, Level 4
Tel. : 2141 3399
Website :

As they are having sales of 50%, so I bought it with reasonable price. =) Let's picture do the talking. 

Paint your own Plaster owls. This is the look!

These are all the materials inside the box. One brush tool, two owls and 5 colous for painting.

Step 1: you have to soften the brush with tap water, and get started with half cup of water.

Step 2: Start painting! Decide your desire colour at the desire part.

*Make sure you paint carefully without painting out of column.

Tadaaa! This is the in-the-process-owl, if you paint out of column, don't worry, you can still cover with blackball pen.

To make it more creative, you can use water to do colour tone.

Step 4: Outline with blackball pen.

Finished. =D

The front, back, and sided views.

This is the present that I wanted to give it to y little buddy, so I wrote her name there. I'm always prefer DIY idea as birthday present. This is because it shows the giver's sincerity, that's why it calls do it yourself. =)

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