Making a canvas more than it can be!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lacking of any idea about birthday pressie for a best friend? Or boring of looking at the plain shoes everyday? I have an idea for you to look through. =) Making a canvas extraordinary than it is!

I bet you know what is doodling art rite? Hmm.. Still don't have an idea?

This is doodling art! Cute and irregular indeed! You can create yourself too. 

To start off, you need to prepare pencil, Sharpie marker and a pair of plain canvas shoes.
Ps:/ Cost of Sharpie - MYR 2.50 each, Canvas shoes from Cotton on MYR 60 each (not necessary from cotton on, you can get even cheaper. =D)

After figuring out the idea that you choose to draw, you can start to draw by using mechanical pencil or 2B pencil. If there is mistake, you can erase it by using eraser.

Tadaaa! This is the finished part.

Next turn will be Sharpie painting. You may see that the watery ink wasn't fully dried, even it will stain on another part. DON'T WORRY you can cover it with black Sharpie to outline every single figure than you drawn.

Outlining part. Black Sharpie applied.
Oh yeah, things to be taken note is that I've never experience it under water, so I am not sure whether it will be blurred or not when staining by water. 

Hey peeps! This is the DIY doodling canvas shoes.

The side look! For sure if you want it to be the same, just go ahead.

Artsy people always love art. 

This was specially made for my dear roomie Hui xin, and so this is her chinese name. 蕙欣


Learning to draw since kindergarten, but sigh that I didn't continue my drawing class until now. 
Art is the only one that I will never give up of.
Art can express one's thinking, emotion, even his or her world. 

Hope you like it. =D

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  1. very nice! you are talented :D

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