Ancient Inscriptions world premiere.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Before describing the event I've attended last night, I'd like to thanks my ding dang (college's buddy) for giving me this special chance to approach to the artsy environment. Thanks pretty song wei =D!
Since being one of the dancers for past year art festival in my uni, traditional dance become an attract for me.

I felt excited when my first seen on the poster. It is a dance theater, my very first dance theater! (As I was ever attended Chinese Orchestra concert and band concert, this is fully fresh for me *.*) bla bla~ okla...dun nonsense anymore. 

I just can say it is super duper awesome!! woots~ you may confuse of why dance can be related to the China ancient inscriptions and how they make it. All of these credit to the choreographers, Anthony Meh and Aman Yap.

The interesting characteristic changes of writings in different timeframes trigger the choreographers to deliver the idea of presenting the differences in forms, spirits and layout arrangements of various calligraphic scripts in a dance choreography that records the transformation of writing from the beginning until present; from the earliest Jia-Gu Wen to regular, cursive, running and wild scripts of the Han calligraphy, and lastly, wrap up with the particular Sim script of local renowned calligrapher Sim Mow Yu to represent the cultural extension of calligraphy i  overseas Chinese community. They made use of the body to stretch symbolizes the straightness of the writing and the cane said the spirit of Mr. Sim, flexible yet gritty, that rooted deeply in his calligraphy. They impressed me by using their body to write those script with different kinds. Yet, the whole show last for 75 mins with hundred of different steps. salute to them!

So thankful to my papa mummy that they deliver the own traditional culture to me and I know how to read and write chinese, even chinese orchestra, thanks to my secondary school, CLB. =D \ Only with this knowledge about Chinese culture, I am able to understand what they delivered, yet they did make a great job to promote another aspect for inter-racial cultural understanding and exchange. 

For more info about the Dua space, you can click here. 
Annual Production of Dua Space Dance Theatre
《万象甲骨Ancient Inscriptions》世界首演World Premiere

日期Date:31/10 ~ 3/11/2013
时间Time:8.30 pm
地点Venue:吉隆坡表演艺术中心(klpac),Pentas 1

票价Ticket Price:
RM 25 (学生Student/乐龄人士Senior Citizen/残友Disabled)
RM 40/RM 60/RM 80/RM 100 (成人Adult)

购票Ticketing & 询问Inquiry:
共享空间专业舞团Dua Space Dance Theatre
Tel: 03-80700890/018-3900207/018-3983092

Tel: 0340479000

 Brought this fellow along. Zee

enjoy reading. =D

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