Moustache Houze.

Friday, September 20, 2013

This is an outing without planning. LOL After meeting up with seow en, we headed to the cafe.We chose Moustache Houze. 
As its fame hit the peak recently, we decided to pay a visit. =D
It was a very cozy place as it was raining that night actually. xD
I know picha always interesting than words, so let picha do the talking. =)

What impressed me is that they decorated the moustache at every single part of the cafe. It is kinda creative because the small lil thing can be so attractive and presentable.

This is the significant wall art at the center of the cafe. Lovely from Maggle sis.

The little corner is too cute and special belong to the theme. ><

Another interesting corner is here. The book shelves is designed by using the piping as material. It is so creative yet fresh! 

 The counter of the cafe. same design structure as the book shelves. 

As we are too full from the dinner at Snoopy Cafe. we just order this lil cute cup! This is chocolate ice cube, brand new menu for both of us. hmm~ I rated it as 3 stars. =)

You must stir it by using your straw. so that the milk will melt the ice cube and it will turn chocly colour. 

Every customer will be playing the moustache provided by the house. =D Same to us.

Nah! My steady driver of the day. Thanks for fetching me to pay a warm visit hear. Love you and hoping to meet u during holiday. 

Wondering how to go? Here is the address. =)
 Oh the business is down here. 

Enjoy reading peeps. 
Have a nice day. 

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