Sweet date at Victoria Rossa.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

I had a sweet night chilling with my gals last night. Aww! The sista feeling is back after few years of staying apart with each other cause we both were in the different uni. We started and ended with gossiping about everything we can gossip of. (hiak! It is sometimes call girls' power) hmm.. So far we ended our first year of university life, everything has changed and it is still keep changing. But the only that didn't change is our friendship. I think it will last long right? Oh! Sure! xD

We decided to pick a place to have our short date and ended up at choosing Victoria Rossa as our dearly venue. Let's photo do the talking ya. =) *kindly click the link if you wanted to know where it is.*

 Never been so great on the ferry yeah. Gossiping LOLz...

It is 33, Jalan Irrawady. So sweet aww!

The front view of the shop. Victoria Rossa English Tea Room.

They are selling the tea bags in tin and the storage boxes.

So sigh that it was closed. I could imagine how great the decoration is at the upstairs.

Kinda sweet right? The owner of the shop decorated every single part of the shop and make it calm and simple and sweet. 

Does it looked familiar? Yeap! Do you still remember the popular Korea Drama 宫? They are the signature bear in the drama! 

This old English style telephone just melt my heart seriously! How could it so adore! Omg!

The merchandise at the counter.

The teapot sets, if not mistaken it is rm142.00 in one piece. 

Even it is a white plain colour door, but the shop owner wont simply skip it, instead, he or she hang a some kind like DIY decor at the door. 

This is the sweet part! They are so caring by making ladies so convenient. They gave us a basket for us to place our bag. Even our bag got its 'chair' hah! The basket looked sweet by wrapping with flora printed cloth.

The menu!! Awwwwww! Way too impressed!

They made every single page with full hearted and sincerely. They want their customers feel like princess. 

They won't simply put, even a 'Thank you', 

One of the part of wall.

A lil garden in the shop.

My order, Victoria tea cake. It is slurp and scrumptious! Woots! Butter cake with strawberry and cream as content. 

They dressed up their teapots. 

Lavender White Tea. 

Le Blogger. =D

The pretty driver of the day. Aww! thanks for brought us to a sweet place. hee. 

The most hard to jio lady aka steph. haha! 

The sweetie always b with me from secondary school til uni, zee!

The way we selca! haha! 

Ladies of the day. 

To sum up, it is an English style theme restaurant. A place that definitely suitable for couple to date, for ladies to chill and gossip, for buddies to enjoy tea time, for besties to celebrate birthday even! Woots! I give them 5 star. They performed good service and treat their customers well. Soft and calm is the characteristic for overall. I just can't bear of the thumbs up atmosphere! Yet, it is the nice place for girls to have photo shooting. The price list is slightly expensive compare to economic budget, but don't worry, it is still cheap compare to high class restaurant price list. Want a date? Go for it! =D



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