Blue Reef fish n chip.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Another must-go-fine dining is here, Blue Reef, Straights Quay.
*kindly click the link if you wanted to know where it is.*
Yay! Actually it was our second round after Victoria Rossa. *Because we ain't that full enough! xD.
It is recommended by yeewen a.k.a yuyu. =)

 Tadaa~ baked salmon. *I forget the exact name ady X). the salmon and broccoli and the sauce are all nice except the smashed potato. =X 

Spanish mackerel is the signature of blue reef. The type fish is under your choice. The dishes satisfied me the most! A typical fish and chip We almost settle it until the plate is clean even the salad taste awesome and fresh!

Your's truly.

 With yeewen sweetie. =D

The service crew waiter was too friendly, as he welcome us and serve us with warmest greeting. 
Besides leaving the restaurant, he gave us 6 candies with different flavours! Haha! See how friendly he is, as he treat us as their guest of honor. LOL. 

Rating: 4 stars!!

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