My babies which light me up.

Monday, July 08, 2013

I m here to post about my babies! Guess what are them? My skin care babies! Every girls grow up without wanting to b pretty, right? Hah! You know? Since you are 20 years old, your skin will start to be aged, according to the expert. No matter how, if you love your skin, please take well care of it.

Tadaa~ this is a series of ARTISTRY Skin care that I had. They keep my skin moisture and lovely. They have played a vital part in my daily life and ya they light me up! wherever I go especially go for a short trip? I will bring them out together.
You know? It is one of the top 5 branded beauty products in the world, and it's price is even cheaper than the others. It is even the partnership of Miss American! Effective and ladylike! 
*if you would like to know more abt the cleansing, exfoliating and toning step, feel free to email me:' 
Here attach an video:

Want to have lovely skin, start now! 

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