Kk3 siao za bo~

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's been awhile I didn't drop by. Here is the sharing of the memory pieces with the girls from segamat, rawang, seremban, muar and gurun. Mainly kk3 +  1 kk7! Haha! Imma really enjoy the time with your gals til the max! Yeepie!! Yeah~

Tadaaaa! It's them! *from left, lee yong, sin yi, leeyong gege,mok mok, pui yi, xiao Wei, Kiam and me! At chew jetty, a must go place hiak! 
Ah yong, a super yeng manual driver! Woots! Hah* 

Discoveries of some street art* 

Damn cute rite?! 

We turn many rounds just to see the ubah bird. Hong Kong got big yellow duck, but Malaysia we have UBAH bird. Yeah~ it's just located at jelly tong express, IJM promenade. 

Teehee! Batu ferringi beach! During these two days, I've learnt something from you guys! I like the laughters from you all. The crazy gang just like to play hard! Hah~ sin yi rich women define as gui fu in mandarin, kiam Kiam camera lady, yet pattern banyak and rock the max! Hah.. Pui Yi aka KMS mate, Polaris mate and coursemate, I hope that I helped u in solving ur problem ya, sorry for letting you feel hurt as I hav let you see something without taking much consideration that it may hurt u, hmm, hopefully u can let it be soon. And happy birthday to you again! Xiao Wei, cool girl, heee~ aft chilling with you, I felt that u are not the cool as I thought, hah! It's my pleasure to know you~ a special girl which gentle like a man! Like like! Heee~ mok mok, u r really very cute wey! U will sometimes scream with high pitch with just a small matter! Haha!! And your laughters n the pattern u say something, it's kinda funny. Hah! Lee yong aka Kms mate and coursemate, thanks for ur pyjamas! Hah! Oops* The happiness and excited mess came along these 2 days! Have fun with y'all!

There maybe something make you down, but please stay strong and stand up, life is too short for you to down, depressed and upset! Living yourself man! Cheer and aggressive! 

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