Bon odori/13

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Got our day out to Bon odori, the very first time after been holding in esplanade for years. 
This is the first place we hit. Yeah! The so called Goh kaki cafe is here! Hmm~ 

The bang kuang kaki ku~ nice peeps! The tortoise bread is so crunchy! You can have a try. 

The bicycle! Woots! 

This is part of the cafe. The decoration theme is all about the childhood include ba-gu-li, congkak and fighting fish! 

Honestly, the show was just keep repeating the same dance, flash mob. We are bored actually. We used to sit by the sea until the firework show time! Hah! The firework damn nice! Can you imagine how blissful it is when u sit on the field, watching the firework which just up to ur head and scream like crazy just due to the one two seconds of brilliance? How romantic it is! If there are the second chances, I hope that I won't missed it out too! Hiak! 

The firework made my night!! 

Ootd. Étude house nail polish, forever21 loaf flat, p&co high waisted shorts and phuket singlet. 

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