Phi-Phi Day 2.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Well, we start off our 2nd day to Phi-Phi Island. There are lots of island, but we chose only it. Hmm. Feeling excited in the morning yet tiring due to not enough sleep for few days ady.

This is the port, after a whole day water trip, we all were in wet. 

The first station we went in Phi-Phi island. Teehee. You know? We were sitting for one hour speedboat, almost half of us vomiting inside the boat. OMG! Holly disgusting the feeling of fainting in the boat cause that some of us didn't manage themselves to have breakfast. So, next time, please fill your stomach before going on boat. LOL.

We used cold mineral water to wash our faces after swimming and full with sand. it was kinda cold!

HOHO! These are the instruments of going island. There are life-jacket and fin. Feeling great while swim with them! I can swim!! Lolz. 

Tadaa.. It was the view. Nice right? P/s: ignore the model. =X

a nice and helpful Australian guy. 

What's next? Woohoo! Patong Pasar malam. You can see the different style of pasar malam compare to Malaysia one. They have pork. Ngek ngek* the mushroom soup taste awesome with the colour and the spicy. The most famous one belongs to coconut ice-cream and mango rice. 

 We just eat at the shoulder of the road.

If you go to a place with this youth age, just screwing yourself in the hotel without have a try by walking along the street of pub named Top of Patong, it may count as a waste. come on, 年轻人就是要见识见识嘛, haha! But of course, put your safety at first for sure. (ignore the men or women who introduce the ah gua show to you). At the end, we chose a Lone Bar. (Lolzzzzzzz) The bar is full of emo-ing ppl I think, coz they made us emo due to the dull atmosphere. But it is ok la, at least we were all at safe. I order for Singha thai beer, eve one is Chang beer. Hmm..Singha taste like Tiger. Lolz.

Although I looked flirty, but don't judge a person by its cover ya. =)

End my 2nd day in phuket. 

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