Last day in phuket.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Well, happy moment always pass soon like a rocket. Hmm... We all get our enough sleep before heading to shopping at Patong!

Tadaa! First pork burger for 20 years ady! haha. Samurai pork burger slurp! But the price is the double for in Mc Chicken (Msia)! Fulamak! 

These are my zhan li pin! They are so cheap wey! 

With weien sweetie and Funny Joey Foo!

First time I took lots of photo inside the plane. The sky was just OMG breathtaking! It feels like heaven. 

They are all my Phuket member~ 

End up my phuket trip here! It was fun especially for Phuket Fanta Sea and Phi-Phi snorkelling experience, overall just unpredictable. Well, we got an advice that we must plan very bery well before going to a place that you are not familiar with. Hmm! May have some advisor from travelling agent or following tour guide. #

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