March is passed

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I just have thousand words to share during my favorite March. But I pretty sure it will be damn long if I recorded down all the details. Hah. Sorry man! Lolz
Teehee.. Perhaps let the photo speaks?
Firstly, it was feseni in UM, the very first time I stood on the stage of DTC to dance as though no one see you. Hiak! We got champion!! So excited of having this fame. Seriously, the fame isn't important for me. I just know that the prize is a confirmation of our effort. Our effort get paid off! Oh yeah!
Come with the next is Career Path 13 of my faculty. Well, throughout this event I got a lot of free gift! One of them is maybank laptop bag and tumblr, damn cute! Together with a bag of Nestlé product and my favorite bank CIMB gave my a lovely OCTOPUS as souvenir! Ahah! Happy til boom!
Going back home is fun and relieve like return to the nature that I belong to.
I love home!

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