Friday, February 15, 2013

Tuludu~ Coming here again. No valentine, so? Sister la! xD

Here we go! Sushi Tei. First try on TEI. Hmmm...Still ok! Kinda like tamago mentai sushi! Slurp! Lolz. Well,  look! These 3 fellows were having the V-day with me! HOHOHO! You guys ( I mean their BF) see~

Recalling the V-day of 2 years ago, it was kinda silly. Lol. The scene flashed and flashed over my mind. Walao! Why I was doing those thing?! Anyway, it was over. HOHO! Delete! 

有时候善忘并不是件坏事啊。 刚刚聊了很多,好像带我坐上时光旅程。原来,不知不觉我已忘了很多很多的细节,好事!还是单身比较无忧无虑(虽然没人疼爱)。 Troll ~.~

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